City Dungeon Abyss

Original by TickleFinger

An upcoming new original novel. Hope you will enjoy the content!

This will also be posted on You can find my Original site here.


As an adult in society, you are expected to be able to help out the community as soon as possible. Individuals would be shunned if people were to know that you are not contributing to society when everyone else is. As an abomination to society, Umehara Subaru hides away within his room playing games and mobile apps all day without a care.

One day, Subaru gets a text from an unknown sender. The content of the text shown:

Umehara Subaru, it’s time for you to contribute to society. You have exactly 5 secs to reply to this text or you will have to face the consequence of your careless choice.

Because of his choice, Subaru is forced into a different world to work as a corporate slave of his choice. From now on, all of his choices will decide his fate on how are he will be enslaved to work. Who was it that did this? What would happen to Subaru? How will his life turn out?

Book 1 : Building the Beginning !

Prologue: The New Beginning!

Chapter 1: Organizing Thoughts and Information!

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Outcome!


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