I’m currently taking a calligraphy[書道(しょどう)shodo] class. By see my works, I hope some of you will have an interest in learning calligraphy as well!

(Taken from a handout):

Shodo is the art of Oriental brush calligraphy (Chinese or Japanese characters). Shodo means the “Way of the Brush” indicating that is it as much a philosophy of living as an art form.

The brush can help the student integrate the mind and body. The only way to integrate and develop your latent strengths is to practice solving problems, until coordination of mind and body becomes second nature. In other words, it’s possible to improve yourself by practicing a discipline which is too difficult to take casually, yet tangible enough to provide feedback and practical results.

Calligraphy, just like any other form of art, reflects the artist’s state of mind: what is written on a sheet of paper, cloth, or piece of wood shows the personality of the work’s creator. It is said, “your writing reflects your personality.” This is why the Japanese name for calligraphy is sho do, which translates as “way of writing”.

What makes calligraphy very special is that it is an art of the moment: you can create a stroke only once and , in wanting to capture the moment, calligraphy requires special concentration. Strokes are works of art in themselves; you can never correct a mistake once it has been made. For everyone who practices calligraphy, each stroke and each character is a reflection of his or her own spirit.

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