Apocalyptic Modification Specialist


Kobayashi Seiichi, an average white-collared worker and a slave to society, woke up to a quiet, sterilized white room. He thought his life would come to an end, but God had other plans for him. He was laying on the white hospital bed crippled and weakened unable to return to normalcy. If that was not enough, the world began to change for the worse and only the strong could have the chance to survive.

“I will survive! I will fight and rebel against this bland future! No one will take advantage of or bully the ones I love! God, be ready to fall from your pedestal.”

How will he survive the end of the world as a cripple? What does he find in the new vast lands of the unknown? What secrets will he find on his journey?

WARNING: Viewers Discretion is Advised! There may be content in the story in which some readers will find disturbing. You have been warned!

Tags: Action, Adventure, System, Male Protagonist, Female Heroine, Harem, Incest, R-18, Weak to Strong, Kinky Sexual Content, Gender Bender, Futanari, City Building, Apocalypse, Game Elements

Chapter 1: Life-changing Moment

Chapter 2: Status?

Chapter 3: An Odd Change in the World

Chapter 4: The Great Blackout!

Chapter 5: