HAWRR Chapter 397

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (19)

However, before she had time to act, Gu Shengyin was informed by the system about a major occurrence.

“Is this true? I never would have expected that this Princess Shuhe would actually be……so naïve at times!” Gu Shengyin said to the system in surprise.

The system had just told her that Princess Shuhe had just been released from confinement, and had immediately found a way to contact Fang Mingyu, the heir of Duke Zhu, and had decided to elope.

Gu Shengyin could just barely understand why Princess Shuhe would act this way, but Fang Mingyu?

“He’s willing to give up his high status and identity, and elope with Shuhe?” Was it truly deep-rooted love, and he no longer cared about anything else?

It really was.

Gu Shengyin simply felt that, since Princess Shuhe was working so hard to help her (GSY), it would be a shame to not help their plan along as well.

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Three days later, the old Jing’An Princess Consort was holding a birthday celebration.

The old princess consort was of high seniority, even the emperor passed down a decree to send a generous gift.

Princess Shuhe, who had been in confinement for several months, arrived at the wangfu1 fully dressed up.

However, she realized that she was no longer the star of the crowd. Many young ladies watched her with meaningful eyes.

She knew why, after all, her reputation within the noble circle of the capital was extremely terrible now.

This was all his (GSY) fault! Princess Shuhe recalled the chatting and smiling figure she had seen a glimpse of across the flower pond, wearing a white robe and jade tassel, seeming free and romantic.

If Fu Yunzhen didn’t exist, then she and her cousin could formally be together without any hiccups, and even if it was discovered, Imperial Father might have bestowed a marriage upon them.

But now, she had just been released from confinement, and been told by her cousin that he had been ruthlessly punished with disciplinary action by Duke Zhu, and both their reputations had gone down the drain. And yet this Fu Yunzhen was still the General Fu that everyone had long admired.

How was this fair? Princess Shuhe’s hand squeezed around a flower, unconsciously exerting all her strength, crushing the bright petals within her palm, staining her hand the deep red of the flower.

It would be fine. Princess Shuhe assured herself. It would be better if people weren’t paying attention to her, making it easier for her to accomplish her plans later.

Gu Shengyin was chatting with many people, both familiar and unfamiliar, but her mind kept the system focused on surveilling the movements of Princess Shuhe.

Jiang Huan, who had been accompanying her the whole time, noticed her absentmindedness and asked if something was wrong.

Gu Shengyin purposefully replied as if deep in thought: “I’m not sure why, but there’s constantly been a thread of unease in my heart today.”

She was just joking, but Jiang Huan fell for the act and immediately grabbed her hand and asked: “Are you uncomfortable? Should I call an Imperial Doctor over to take a look?”

Gu Shengyin allowed him to grab her hand, disregarding whether or not it would be strange for two grown men to hold hands like this, and laughed at him: “I tricked you!”

She leaned over to whisper slyly in Jiang Huan’s ear: “I’m just annoyed by having to chat with these boring officials who only speak of state affairs.”

With half her body leaning upon him, and the warm breath brushing against him, Jiang Huan had to suppress the immediate urge to raise his arms and pull her warmth into his embrace.

He held down his stupidly eager impulse, and said gently: “I know you are impatient with these twists and turns2, but just bear with it. As soon as the banquet ends, we can find an excuse to leave.” Within his voice was a strong sense of indulgence and pampering. 

“His Highness Prince Rong and General Fu have such a good friendship.” One of two noble ladies in the distance spoke with a heartfelt sigh as they watched the figures of the two people huddled together.

The other replied: “Indeed, and I had originally thought it was simply a rumor.” 

It was just that, the two people acting like this, no matter how one looked at them, it seemed a little weird? She buried her doubts deep in her heart.

1. [王府- wangfu – the residence of a first ranked prince]
2. [of political maneuvering]

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i didn’t mean to go AWOL for so long, but things IRL kind of piled up
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i’m still searching for a professional in the subjects of adult ADHD and ASD to get an official diagnosis, but it’s slow going bc i live in NYC and just an autism diagnosis is already a quote of 5-6k USD without insurance coverage from all the professionals I’ve found

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