HAWRR Chapter 396

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (18)

That heir of Duke Zhu was doomed, he would probably never receive the favor of the emperor for the rest of his life.

However, he was not guiltless either, these situations were definitely a two-way street.

The more people who felt sorry for her, the happier Gu Shengyin was. This was perfect; she just needed to turn everyone towards her side, and feel that Princess Shuhe was terrible to her (GSY).

The emperor thought it was not a big deal right now, which was fine, she still had another card to play. As long as his perception of Shuhe became more and more unsatisfactory, then Gu Shengyin did not have to worry about whether or not he would cancel the marriage in the end.

Another two months passed in the blink of an eye. During this period of time, the border was stable, so Gu Shengyin simply had to attend court every day, it was utterly leisurely.

However, it seemed that the emperor was rather anxious, and wanted to quickly settle the engagement, directly sending an edict to the mansion.

“The marriage is set to the tenth of next month?” Gu Shengyin was stunned, she had never expected that the emperor would be so impatient. In this dynasty, there had never been a single princess’ marriage where there was only a month between the date of the decree and the date of the wedding.

She had thought she would have at least half a year’s time.

Seems like some of her previously prepared plans would have to be moved forward.

She had not even made her move, and yet there was someone far more anxious than her.

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“I heard that Imperial Brother has sent down an imperial decree, dictating that you and Shuhe are to be wed next month?” Jiang Huan looked upset.

Gu Shengyin nodded.

Jiang Huan was a bit aggravated seeing how calm she was: “I told you before that I could help you, but you insisted that you could resolve it yourself. Now look, even the marriage date has been set.”

Gu Shengyin looked at him with a some surprise, and spoke laughingly: “Shi’an, why are you more anxious than me? Logically speaking, I should be the one who is flustered?”

Jiang Huan was speechless. That was true, why was he so anxious?

He thought back. When he had learned that his Imperial Brother had sent down the decree, he had instantly rushed to the general’s residence, where had his composure gone?

But why? He wondered, if it was a different person, a different friend, would he be this anxious if they had encountered this situation?

The answer was no. If it was another person, he could still sit calmly and contemplate how to resolve the issue, instead of losing his head and running over like a dimwit just to see how Fu Yunzhen was doing.

There were some hidden intentions that Jiang Huan couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge.

Fortunately, Gu Shengyin was just casually joking, and wasn’t expecting him to answer. She addressed Jiang Huan firmly: “Shi’an is fighting for my happiness, Yunzhen has acknowledged this. Don’t worry, I have my own solutions for this matter.”

Her expression was so calm that Jiang Huan had no way to doubt the authenticity of her words.

Seeing Gu Shengyin’s resolve, Jiang Huan endured the urge to rush into the palace to plead for the emperor to withdraw his edict, and nodded. He had to trust Yunzhen.

Gu Shengyin’s plan was actually very simple and crude. She planned to fake an assassination, and then leave clues to connect these “assassins” with the group of people who had attacked her at the gate of the city.

If she wanted, she had countless ways to have the emperor discover the culprit. This way, she refused to believe that the emperor would still have the audacity to allow Princess Shuhe to marry her.

A princess could be unaffectionate with her prince-consort, but the princess had plotted to murder a loyal and prominent court minister, which was a serious crime. Not to mention, although Tianyun Dynasty was a large country, the harassment and skirmishes at the borders by the surrounding countries and tribes had never ceased.

In the emperor’s heart, it was still unclear whether one princess out of his many daughters was important, or her (GSY) as the God of War.

Ari’s Corner:

so my router died during the hurricane that flooded NY and NJ beginning of september and i just got back online a week ago :))))) 

i finished translating this chapter just now instead of studying for my exam at 9am EST bc my prof has the voice of a sleep god or smth and i have zero recollection of anything he’s said in any of his lectures so gg im screwed either way

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