HAWRR Chapter 395

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (17)

If it was a simple relationship between a beautiful princess and a handsome young master of the capital, everyone would probably just listen for amusement and move on.

But one of the people involved, Princess Shuhe, has a marriage contract with General Fu, Fu Yunzhen!

The prestige of the Fu family within Tianyun Dynasty, was higher than any other aristocratic family. Even if countless people don’t know who the current Prime Minister is, or how many Dukes there are, but they know that the family of the God of War of Tianyun Dynasty is the Fu family.

The Fu family had fought back countless foreign enemies for the Tianyun Dynasty. The glory that the Fu family obtained for countless generations had been exchanged with endless blood sacrificed, and that was a feat no one could deny.

A rumor involving Fu Yunzhen and Princess Shuhe was naturally spread by countless people.

If it was simply just a false rumor, then neither Princess Shuhe nor Fang Mingyu would care, because anyone who would actually care about the matter would investigate, and the rumor would be utterly baseless.

However, the events mentioned in the rumors had actually happened.

The tryst in Mingyuan Temple, the silk handkerchiefs and tassels that Princess Shuhe had personally embroidered for Fang Mingyu in secret, and the jade pendant hanging on Fang Mingyu’s waist, all of these rumors were the truth.

Princess Shuhe panicked. She couldn’t understand, these things were obviously well-hidden, how were they uncovered by others?

This was, of course, due to the system.

When the rumors intensified, it was impossible for the one sitting upon the highest seat to pretend ignorance.

Princess Shuhe was summoned by the emperor.

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Gu Shengyin still understood that just this alone would not be enough.

Sure enough, it was unknown what Princess Shuhe said to the emperor, but all the rumors within the capital disappeared overnight. Princess Shuhe did not leave her palace, and an imperial decree to cancel the marriage never arrived at the General’s residence.

Gu Shengyin received many treasures that the palace bestowed upon her, making the emperor’s attitude quite clear: This is compensation from the royal family, but the marriage will still continue.

Gu Shengyin picked up fingertip-sized pearl to scrutinize, and said indifferently: “This emperor is actually quite generous; even in the inner vault, pearls as mature as these are quite rare.”

Her mouth spoke of the precious pearl, but the expression on her face was discontent.

When Gu Shengyin went out these past few days, she would always encounter many pitying gazes. Even without looking, Gu Shengyin understood the meaning of their gazes.

Wasn’t it simply pitying ‘him’? Even before the marriage ceremony, a giant green hat was forced atop ‘his’ head, and there was also no way for ‘him’ to remove the hat.

The more Gu Shengyin acted indifferent on the outside, the more people believed that ‘he’ was simply pretending to be calm, and believed that ‘he’ was secretly quite heartbroken.

After all, for so many years, no one had ever heard of any rumors of General Fu’s dalliances, nor had they ever heard of any lovers. Most people believed he had stayed true to Princess Shuhe to respect and love his fiancée; who would have thought that such a thing would have occurred.

Even the emperor specially called him to speak for a while: “Yunzhen, Zhen knows that you have been wronged by this issue, but Zhen promises that this type of situation will not occur again. Zhen has already harshly ordered Shuhe to reflect. She has always been kind and generous, and it is normal for her to have been blinded by someone for a while.”

With one sentence, he had plucked Princess Shuhe out of the situation, and transferred all of the blame onto the heir of Duke Zhu.

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