HAWRR Chapter 391

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (13)

Jiang Huan had also drank several cups of wine, and the alcohol finally kicked in. Added to that, with the warmth of the body in his embrace that he didn’t want to let go, he ended up dazedly closing his eyes and fell asleep as well.

The next day, it was Jiang Huan who woke first.

He had focused on taking care of his health for so many years, and had long become accustomed to waking up early.

However, the heaviness atop his body confused him.

His Royal Highness Prince Rong had a few fussy habits. For example, he disliked having others in close proximity to him, so what exactly was happening right now?

He opened his eyes and saw at first glance a familiar figure half-sprawled within his embrace.

After a night of sleep, Gu Shengyin’s clothes were a bit mussed; the collar was gaping slightly, revealing the pale skin of his (GSY) neck and the delicate curve of his collarbone. As his (JH) gaze drifted upward, his gaze settled on slightly parted soft and rosy lips, a hint of red tongue peeking through. It seemed like Gu Shengyin had slept well, his (GSY) expression was utterly content, seeming like a satisfied kitty.

Unknowingly, a hint of laughter flitted across Jiang Huan’s face.

He shifted a bit, and couldn’t help hissing as he found that half his body was completely numb.

This sound startled Gu Shengyin awake. Her mind was still rather muddled, her eyes blinking open dazedly. Before she could see who the person next to her was, she had already habitually stretched out her arm to snuggle into the other person, eyes falling closed as she kissed him on the face.

Then, she felt the person beneath her turn into stone.

Gu Shengyin finally came to full awareness; it seemed like something was off?

Her muddled head had cleared up at last. She sat up and looked at Jiang Huan, who still hadn’t recovered from the shock of being kissed by her. She laughed awkwardly, and explained hesitantly: “Shi’an, I really am sorry, I thought you were……” Halfway into her sentence, she found herself stuck. Who could she have been thinking of? Xia Wanjun?

“…the Xue’lang I raised.” Gu Shengyin finally found something she could say.

Xue’lang was a completely snowy-white furred wolf. Fu Yunzhen had raised it they were both cub and child, and their relationship was very close.

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Jiang Huan’s expression was still rather stiff. After hearing this explanation, he nodded and only said one thing: “Yunzhen should not continue having this habit in the future.” What he was actually thinking was, in the future he must never allow Yunzhen to rest in the same room as other people, his habit of hugging and kissing people when he woke up was not good.

Feeling rather embarrassed, Gu Shengyin rushed to get up and off the bed: “My head’s still a little muddled, I’m going to go out and get some air.”

After saying this, she immediately left the room, leaving Jiang Huan sitting on the bed alone……thinking about the previous kiss.

As he recalled the feeling of that delicate and soft warmth, Jiang Huan’s face turned a little red.

Ever since he was a child, he has been living in the temple due to his poor health, and he had rarely ever had contact with women. In regards to the affairs between men and women, he only held incomplete knowledge. After his health gradually improved, for the sake of his health, the imperial doctor had advised him to exercise restraint in sexual matters, and so his Imperial Mother was not in a hurry to find him a wangfei. Later, after his mother passed away, he observed filial piety for three years of mourning. The dignified Rong-wang, was already in his twenties, and yet had never experienced the intimacies between men and women.

The emperor had recently brought up the idea of bestowing him a few beautiful women, but Jiang Huan didn’t know why he felt so resistant to the idea in his heart, and ended up making an excuse to reject it.

But now, he suddenly felt that he truly should marry a wife, and this feeling stemmed from a friend’s kiss… this really was…….

Thinking such, his face reddened again.

Ari’s Corner:

hey sorry this is so late;; I got caught up with the end of my semester and also finally firming up my resolution to work on my health

I’ve been struggling with a lot of health issues in the last decade so working my way back to a healthier body has been slow going; if any of y’all have tips feel free to lmk either in the comments or on the discord server

also if there are any formatting errors, I can’t really adjust it at the moment since I’m posting this from the mobile app; just drop me a note in the comments

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7 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 391”

  1. Thank you sooooo much for all your hard work with this series!!! This is the only one like this where both leads are so lovable and I’ll be really sad if you ever decide to drop this novel. Thank you very much again!


  2. Thank you for your hard work. Resolutions are hard especially if you’re not used to it. I have also started taking better care of myself. What I find the least resistance to do is to is making something into a habit and not taking everything all at once because that is ridiculous and a really sure way for me to fail. I hope for you the best and you can do it!

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    1. yeah I’m only a week in and after five straight days of doing light exercises it felt off not doing it today haha
      jiayou for both of us 😀


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