HAWRR Chapter 390

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (12)

Jiang Huan didn’t pay attention to what Gu Shengyin meant by ‘I can’t marry her.’ He thought that the other said such because the princess didn’t like him, and he didn’t have any affection towards Shuhe as well.

Gu Shengyin tipped her head back and threw back another cup of wine, staring straight at Jiang Huan.

Jiang Huan knew in his heart that the person sitting across from him was already drunk, but there was something unnatural about the undisguised look in his (GSY) eyes.

“What is Yunzhen looking at?”

Gu Shengyin was currently terribly honest, if you asked her something she would answer: “Looking at Shi’an.”

Jiang Huan:…

Gu Shengyin spoke again: “Shi’an is really good looking.”

Jiang Huan:…

Gu Shengyin continued to speak. Her eyes were half-closed, her voice lowered, and spoke to Jiang Huan somewhat mysteriously: “Do you know that, in fact, my name is not actually Fu Yunzhen.” 

Jiang Huan: “……then what is your name?”

Gu Shengyin’s looked smug: “I won’t tell you, you have to guess!”

Jiang Huan: ……okay, fine. The fact that he had been seriously responding to a drunk’s questions, was already quite weird.

Then, he watched as, across from him, Gu Shengyin climbed onto the table, lay down, and fell asleep.

Jiang Huan sighed helplessly, before smiling to himself again. He called in the servants to clean up, before walking to Gu Shengyin’s side, and hoisted the person up — he clearly could let the servants do it, but he didn’t know why he was unwilling to let others touch him.

Fortunately, although Jiang Huan was not very healthy, he still had the strength to support someone. Also… Yunzhen not only looked slim and delicate, but as he supported him, Jiang Huan discovered that the person within his embrace was unexpectedly slender.

Gu Shengyin shifted slightly in discomfort, and only didn’t move away after unconsciously sensing a familiar aura.

Her head was buried against Jiang Huan’s neck, warm breath tinged with the scent of alcohol as it fluttered against his skin. Jiang Huan inexplicably felt a sudden heat rising from within him.

Could it be that he was drunk too? Jiang Huan laughed as he supported him into the already prepared guest room, and settled him onto the bed.

He helped remove Gu Shengyin’s shoes, and had just stretched his hand towards his (GSY) belt, when his (GSY) eyes suddenly opened, despite having been dead to the world. His (GSY) gaze was fierce, hands shooting out forcefully. Jiang Huan only felt a sudden immense force, and before he realized, he had already been flipped onto his back, and the one who had slammed him down was currently leaning over him, staring at him with a murderous gaze, one hand tight around his (JH) throat.

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Jiang Huan only needed to glance at his (GSY) current state to realize that if he (JH) moved rashly, the other really would murder him.

He smiled wryly, doing his best to relax his body: “I only wanted to help you remove your outer layers, so you can rest more comfortably.”

The person straddling him stared at him fixedly for a while, before suddenly closing his (GSY) eyes and slumping onto his body.

Fortunately, Gu Shengyin was not heavy, but with the entirety of his (GSY) body weight pressing down upon him, Jiang Huan was utterly flustered.

Jiang Huan looked down at a certain someone who was deep asleep, breathing softly, and then finally reacted: Unexpectedly, this person had not awoken in the slightest, the series of quick actions just now were nothing more than conditioned reflexes.

Realizing this only made his heart clench with a bitter taste: Even in his sleep, he (GSY) was still so vigilant; he (JH) really didn’t know what kind of life his newly acquainted friend had been living.

He looked back down, the person atop him was pliantly cuddled in his arms, half his (GSY) face buried in his (JH) chest. The half of his (GSY) face that was exposed was elegant and peaceful, where was there any hint of the murderous aura that had been shown before?

Feeling how soft and slender the person in his embrace was, it was hard to imagine that this person was actually an undefeated general renowned throughout all of TianYun Dynasty.

Ari’s Corner:

hey this was supposed to be friday’s update, but i got the covid vaccine friday afternoon, and the side effects hit me super hard;; im still lethargic and achy even now but at least my migraine and fever are gone
stay safe everyone

i think this whole crossdressing thing is about to make my brain explode with all the pronoun issues 🙂

thank you to a miss(?) seriguchi; i know it was just a ‘ty for translating’ paypal but it’s much appreciated 🙂 ((especially since i still can’t find a job LOL)

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