HAWRR Chapter 389

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (11)

He claimed that they must get drunk tonight, but with Jiang Huan’s health, there was no way for him to actually carefreely get drunk.

Even if he was willing to risk his life in order to accompany his confidant in doing so, there was no way Gu Shengyin could just watch her lover take risks with his body.

As a result, the situation turned into Gu Shengyin binge drinking one cup after another, while Jiang Huan held his wine cup, only occasionally taking a sip — if his occasional sips were too frequent, he’d be glared at by Gu Shengyin, and would have to put the cup down with a wry laugh.

Very soon, there were two more empty jars on the ground.

Jiang Huan looked at Gu Shengyin’s slightly flushed face. He knew what precious fine wines he had; they were all high quality liquor. Anyone who could finish even one jar would be praised for great alcohol tolerance; Gu Shengyin had already drank two jars in a row.

He grabbed Gu Shengyin’s hand, stopping her from smacking open the next jar of wine: “Yunzhen, that’s enough.”

Gu Shengyin really was a little drunk at this moment, her eyes were shining, glancing at Jiang Huan with a mix of joy and temper, dodging his hand, and neatly opened the wine jar.

Jiang Huan felt that the glance the other shot at him held an indescribable charm, with a thousand unspoken moods. 

He soon realized what he was thinking, and he couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile: It seems like he was drunk too, Yunzhen was a man, how would he have that type of gaze?

As he was thinking, several more cups of wine went down Gu Shengyin’s throat. 

Seeing that he was silent and contemplative, Gu Shengyin blinked and chuckled, “What’s wrong, Shi’an? Do you have something on your mind?”

Jiang Huan recovered himself, and looked at Gu Shengyin, who was openly drunk, and shook his head smiling: “No, I don’t.”

Gu Shengyin propped her head on her hand, looking at him with blurry eyes, and said: “You may not have worries, but I do!”

Jiang Huan originally thought she was joking, but who would’ve known that Gu Shengyin would continued to say, “I don’t want to marry Princess Shuhe…”

Jiang Huan was shocked when he heard this. He only now remembered that the person in front of him wasn’t just his new-found confidant, but also his niece Princess Shuhe’s betrothed husband.

He didn’t understand why, but a sense of discomfort surged within his heart. Obviously, Fu Yunzhen was young and had a promising future; Princess Shuhe was born beautiful and cultured. The two of them were a very good match, he should be happy for his friend.

Now, he had heard Gu Shengyin say that he didn’t want to marry the princess. These sorts of comments could be considered treasonous. Rationally, Jiang Huan knew that he should stop Gu Shengyin from saying any more. However, he personally poured a cup of wine for the other person instead, asking: “Why?”

The familiar aura let Gu Shengyin relax her defenses. Her head was fuzzy, and she couldn’t even hear the system calling her.

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She subconsciously answered Jiang Huan’s question: “Why…? Because I can’t marry her ah…… and!!”

She looked at Jiang Huan and said with a smile: “Princess Shuhe doesn’t like me. She personally came to order me to ask the Emperor to cancel the betrothal. She’s treating me like an idiot, this is clearly wanting me to die!”

Seeing Gu Shengyin dazedly say such things without caring at all, Jiang Huan felt a surge of anger in his heart.

His niece had done such a thing? This was simply blatant humiliation! (tn: towards GSY)

He felt wronged for his close friend: In regards to this situation, he must be really unhappy, right? If it weren’t for the fact that he was drunk, he was afraid that Yunzhen would have buried the matter in his heart for a lifetime.

He thought for a while and decided that he was going to talk to his Emperor brother.

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