HAWRR Chapter 387

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (9)

Jiang Huan nodded and said with a smile: “Meeting Yunzhen today, you are just as they say. I buried a few jars of aged old wine in the suburbs outside the capital, would Yunzhen like to come?”

Gu Shengyin laughed in reply: “There’s friends and wine, is there any reason not to go?”

The horse carriage slowly traveled forward; Gu Shengyin had sat for a while when she saw exhaustion flash across Jiang Huan’s face.

She remembered that her lover’s body was very unwell in this life, and couldn’t help but say worriedly: “Shi’an, do you need to take a rest?”

Jiang Huan didn’t try to conceal it. In truth, the roads outside the capital were not very smooth, and the rocking and jolting of the carriage was really uncomfortable.

Jiang Huan’s carriage looked inconspicuous on the exterior, but was actually well-furbished on the inside with anything one might need. In order to accommodate his health, part of the floor of the carriage was sunken and filled with a thick futon. 

He glanced at Gu Shengyin somewhat apologetically, then closed his eyes and leaned back to rest.

Gu Shengyin was finally able to openly observe her lover.

 Jiang Huan was born with exquisite, with perfect eyes and brow, and yet he was different from when she dressed a man. He was a timelessly beautiful kind of man.

But……. Gu Shengyin looked at his pale complexion, heart aching. Jiang Huan’s body really wasn’t healthy.

Gu Shengyin contacted the system: “Why is it that in this world, I can’t choose an ability from any of the previous worlds?”

The system replied unyieldingly: “Host, every world has a different rank. For example, the apocalyptic world, the magic worlds, and the fantasy worlds you were experienced before, were all high-energy ranking worlds. The low tier world the host is in currently cannot compare. Following this principle, the abilities from the high-tier worlds exceed the range that the low-energy world can withstand, therefore the host cannot use those abilities in this world.”

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Gu Shengyin was speechless: “If it’s like this, then these abilities are actually just chicken ribs.” The high tier worlds had their own energy systems, when the abilities were brought into other worlds, the effects were naturally weakened.

And lower tiered worlds couldn’t even use those powerful abilities… The system may as well have just drawn a big circle for her. (t/n: literally; as if he just drew a circle on a paper and gave it to her)

System: “May Host please understand, if high-tier world abilities were used in low-tier worlds, it is easy to receive a warning from the world’s heavenly law. In serious cases, it may even directly cause the collapse of the world.” 

A long time ago, when there were no limitations on the usage of abilities, the system saw a host using forbidden magic in a low-energy world, directly destroying a country.

Gu Shengyin: “I was just complaining a bit.” As a created ‘human being’, she was still a little different from normal humans.

For example, understanding some of the system’s laws. And in regards to greed as well.

Normal people’s greed and expectations would grow even greater as they received more benefits. This one aspect, Gu Shengyin had never shown.

The system was quite satisfied with Gu Shengyin as a host, and had never met such a worry-free host. 

Gu Shengyin suddenly asked: “Then, System, is there any medicine that can strengthen and nourish one’s body?”

The system ‘glanced’ and Jiang Huan who was sleeping deeply and replied: “Yes.”

With a flash of white light, a small porcelain bottle appeared within the hand Gu Shengyin had covered with her sleeve.

“System product, a body replenishing pill from an advanced tier plane. It melts in water, is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, without any side effect.”

Gu Shengyin’s eyes curved as she smiled happily: As long as the main plot characters weren’t involved, the system was really generous to her as its host.

Ari’s Corner:

uwu I may or may not have forgotten to update

if the dialogue in this arc is awkward it’s cuz it’s an ancient setting so it’s archaic forms of speech, which is really hard to translate into english, which is usually informal and non-poetic af

also the narration is DEF gonna be awkward because the POV swaps between GSY and JH and one knows she’s a girl and the other thinks she’s a boy, so pronouns for GSY are gonna swap a lot;;; it’s been really frustrating translating that because pronouns are kind of not essential in chinese (not to say they’re not used but they’re not used in every single section of a sentence like english)

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