HAWRR Chapter 386

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (8)

“You…..how are you here?!” In his lifetime, Huo Jiabao would never forget the pain this handsome man had inflicted upon him.

Gu Shengyin laughed loudly: “What is Huo gongzi saying? In this imperial capital, it can’t be that those who wish to come, must get permission from Huo gongzi?”

Huo Jiabao would definitely not dare to agree to this statement.

Gu Shengyin glanced at him: “It has been a long time since I’ve met Huo gongzi. Meeting you again, this scene somehow seems a bit familiar.”

It was fine when she didn’t mention it, but once she brought it up, Huo Jiabao’s expression became ugly.

Wasn’t the so-called familiar scene, when he was beaten into utter pain, after he had also been acting on his perverted intentions?

Huo Jiabao said fiercely: “Fu Yunzhen, don’t think that just because you know some martial arts, you are invincible. This young master’s affairs, it isn’t your place to manage!”

Gu Shengyin put away her smile, and slowly said: “That’s really unfortunate. What if I were to tell you, today, I just want to intercede in this matter?”

Huo Jiabao glared harshly at her, and Gu Sheng looked back at him with a smile.

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In the end, Huo Jiabao weighed his odds, and felt that the gap in strength between him and the enemy was too great. He snorted coldly, and left with fierce words: “Fu Yunzhen, you better pray, that one day you don’t end up in this young master’s hands!”

Gu Shengyin didn’t take this sentence to heart at all. Generally, people like this who only dared to talk fiercely after the fact, usually don’t have a second chance to counterattack.

Seeing that the matter here was resolved, she lifted her leg and intended to leave.

Suddenly the coachman spoke: “Sir must be General Fu. My family’s young master is grateful for the general’s helping hand, and specially requests that gongzi board the carriage and chat.”

Gu Shengyin paused in her steps. Admittedly, she was rather curious what identity of someone who could use such an expert as a simple coachman was. After thinking about it, she boarded the carriage.

She didn’t know how shocked the coachman was feeling at the moment.

His master’s horse carriage, had never had an outsider ever board it.

“Yi? So it was actually Your Royal Highness Rong.” Gu Shengyin was truly taken aback. She didn’t expect that the person in the horse carriage was actually her lover.

If she had known earlier that it was him, then she would not have had to worry that the coachman would receive retaliation1 later.

And yet, for even daring to have intentions towards her lover, Gu Shengyin suddenly felt that letting Huo Jiabao go just now, was really going too easy on him.

Jiang Huan was rather surprised to see that she actually recognized him: “General Fu has seen this prince before?”

Gu Shengyin smiled: “I was fortunate enough to see a glimpse of Your Royal Highness in the palace before.”

Jiang Huan smiled: “Many thanks to General Fu for lending a hand.”

Gu Shengyin was a little embarrassed: “I didn’t know that it was His Royal Highness in the carriage, it seems that I was superfluous.”

Jiang Huan didn’t understand, why was he treating this General Fu so different.

He had been cultivating in the temple since childhood, and was utterly indifferent towards other people and matters. Since the death of his imperial mother, with the exception of his full-blood brother, his mood would never fluctuate due to other people.

But with this General Fu, with just a fleeting glance that day, he was imprinted within his heart. Today, when he realized that the one speaking up for him was the general, there was a burst of inexplicable joy in his heart, and before he realized, he had invited the other party onto his carriage.

He gathered his thoughts, and said with a smile to Gu Shengyin: “This prince is called Shi’an. General can simply address me as such.”

Gu Shengyin hesitated for a moment before accepting his geniality: “Shi’an.”

Jiang Huan laughed.

Gu Shengyin said with some embarrassment: “My military family, doesn’t pay much attention to such matters. Shi’an should just directly call me Yunzhen.”

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hullo guys! i don’t actually have anything to say, this part just felt kinda empty;;
i hope y’all are staying safe and healthy

retaliation for if he did attack HJB

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