HAWRR Chapter 385

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (7)

The gongzi that was speaking was dressed gaudily, and during late autumn, was still holding a fan in his hand, pretending to be elegant. 

Gu Shengyin observed him closely. His brows could barely give him the title of handsome, but his face was rather unhealthily pale, his steps were weak; he probably spent a lot of effort every day on his appearance.

Gu Shengyin kept feeling like he seemed a bit familiar.

Across from him was an unremarkable carriage with a blue curtain, driven by a bearded man over forty years old.

The moment Gu Shengyin saw this man, her heart was aroused with curiosity.

Her general’s instinct told her, this was an expert.

At this time, the gongzi opened his mouth again: “Do you know how many silver taels a single piece of this young master’s clothing is worth? For someone like you, you probably couldn’t pay it back for your whole lifetime!”

The clothes on his body, only had a bit of dirt on the hem of his robes. If one wasn’t looking closely, it would simply be unnoticeable. 

Gu Shengyin heard the crowd around her discussing.

“It really is a pity, how did he just happen to bump into this demon king?”

“Yeah…..there’s an 80% chance that he lost money at the casino again, and is currently in a bad mood, wanting to take it out on someone.”

“…..Hai.., who let his father be the Marquis?”

When Gu Shengyin heard this, she suddenly recalled who this gongzi was.

Huo Jiabao, the famous rich playboy1 of the capitol, Marquis Baocheng’s late born son.

The reason Gu Shengyin could recall who this well-known rich playboy was, was because this guy was shameless2. One time he say Fu Yunzhen out of uniform, and unexpectedly developed sinister intentions, and wanted to force himself on her.

The ending was as expected: Fu Yunzhen gave him a fierce beating, and afterwards ordered people to strip him, leaving him only in his underclothes3, and sent him back to Marquis Baocheng’s residence.

Marquis Baocheng’s heart hurt terribly for his son, but after knowing what that rascal had done, he had still had to personally go to the General’s residence with a generous gift to apologize.

Gu Shengyin felt that, Marquis Baocheng having such a son, was really a terrible misfortune for the family.

Her heart moved, and was about to step forward when she heard a clear voice coming from the carriage.

“Since it was my family’s servant that dirtied gongzi‘s clothes, it is our fault. We’ll just compensate gongzi an outfit then.” As he spoke, the carriage’s curtain was lifted from inside by an elegant white hand.

This hand’s joints were well-formed, gorgeous in shape, and coupled with that clear voice from before, it was not difficult to imagine how high level the appearance of the young man sitting in the carriage.

That hand was holding an ingot of gold.

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The coachman took the gold from the man in the carriage and handed it over to the son of Marquis Baocheng’s family: “This gongzi, I am extremely sorry. Your clothes have been soiled, this is reparation from my family’s gongzi.”

An ingot of gold, even if the clothes on Huo Jiabao’s body were priceless beyond compare, it was more than enough for him to buy another set.

But at this moment Huo Jiabao didn’t even look at the ingot of gold, but stared straight towards the carriage curtain.

Gongzi, I don’t want your gold. Have your family’s gongzi accompany me for a meal, and I’ll forget about this matter, how about it?” Huo Jiabao thought of the jade-like hand from before, and felt an irresistible itch in his heart.

When the coachman heard those meaningful words, his expression changed abruptly.

Gu Shengyin saw his fingers twitch and knew that he was about to make a move.

She sighed in her heart, and moved out from the crowd: “Huo gongzi, we haven’t met in so long, I hope you have been well!”

Huo Jiabao turned and saw her, his expression changing.

Ari’s Corner:

blargh, fuckboys from ancient times surviving all the way to modern times

春节快乐!祝大家身体健康!Happy Spring Festival, Lunar New Year everyone! I hope all of you stay healthy and safe!

纨绔子弟 – wánkù zǐdì – wealthy and powerful people who eat, drink and have fun all day long and do not work

rough translation is that there are no taboos or lines he won’t cross; he’d do anything and everything in a negative connotation

basically the modern equivalent of underwear, though it’d be considered fully clothed by modern sensibilities

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