HAWRR Chapter 381

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty (3)

The maid saw the urgency on the princess’ face, and still believed that she was worrying for the general’s safety. She quickly said with a smile: “Your Highness, there is no need to worry, who do you think General Fu is? He’s our TianYun Dynasty’s new God of War. Just a few small criminals, can they even dream of hurting the general?”

Jiang Shuhe only felt her heart drop.

This was…….a failure?

Seeing that she seemed a little dazed, the maid still thought she was still worried about Fu Yunzhen, and smiled comfortingly: “Your Royal Highness does not need to worry. Right now, General Fu has already entered the city and is preparing to greet Your Highness. I heard that he even captured a few of the assassins, don’t be concerned.”

“What did you say?” Jiang Shuhe was stunned. He even managed to catch them? Those trash!

The maid was a bit uncertain.

Jiang Shuhe squeezed her eyes shut: “Go away, this princess wants to be alone for a while.”

The maid didn’t really understand, but she still obeyed the order and retreated.

After the maid left, Jiang Shuhe collapsed onto her chair.

Now, she could only hope that those people were trained enough, and wouldn’t confess and reveal her.

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Gu Shengyin entered the palace to greet the Emperor.

The emperor had also heard news of the attack on her at the entrance to the city. In order to show his concern for his beloved minister, the emperor flared his temper on the spot, and not only ordered a strict investigation, but also bestowed countless treasures to placate Gu Shengyin.

After the emperor and subject both showed respect and affection for each other, Gu Shengyin prepared to return to her manor with a large pile of rewards.

As she followed the eunuch on the path to leave the palace, Gu Shengyin’s attention was attracted by a procession.

Not many could use such transportation within the palace, and based on regulations, this was not the style used by the harem.

As she was considering this, the other party had already passed by. At this moment, a gust of wind blew over. With a fleeting glance, Gu Shengyin saw a pale and gorgeous1 profile.

Seeing his gaze, the eunuch leading the way said quietly: “General Fu may not know, that is the procession of His Royal Highness Rong2 wang, who returned to the palace not long ago. At that time, you were leading soldiers in battle.”

Gu Shengyin withdrew her gaze, and said with a smile: “Many thanks gonggong for clearing my confusion.”

Rong wang Jiang Huan, this character had only been mentioned in passing a few times in the original plot.

Rong wang was the youngest son of the Empress Dowager, the blood brother from the same mother of the current Emperor. He had been born with a congenital defect. At the time, even the imperial doctor couldn’t guarantee that he would survive.

At the time, the high monk of Fayan Temple proposed that Rong wang should be fostered within the temple and pray for the blessing of Buddha. The Empress Dowager believed his words and sent Rong wang to Fayan Temple to be a lay disciple3.

Unexpectedly, Rong wang‘s body truly improved day by day while residing in the temple.

Currently, although his body was still weaker than the average person, there was no longer any need to worry about his life at every turn.

The Emperor pitied his younger brother’s frailty, and the age difference between the two was vast. For all intents and purposes, he treated Rong wang with the love and affection of a son, comparable with his own Crown Prince son.

In terms of grace and favor, Rong wang received the most within the imperial capital. When it came to who one could not offend the most within the capital, without a doubt, Rong wang would be the first to be mentioned.

A smile slowly creeped onto Gu Shengyin’s face: Who would have thought, on the first day back to the capital, I would’ve seen my lover.

On that side, Rong wang Jiang Huan was thinking of Gu Shengyin, who he had just caught a glimpse of.

In regards to this General Fu, he had always only heard of his fame through others, and never seen him in person.

Today, seeing him for the first time ever, he would never have thought that, the young General, would have an appearance that was so……charming.

Ari’s Corner:

隽永 – juànyǒng – describes the thoughts and feelings within a profound and fascinating artwork; the beauty of a masterwork; there really isn’t an equivalent word or even explanation for it so I just settled for gorgeous lol

荣 – róng – as per usual, titles in historical China come with a ‘name’; this one means ‘prosperity’ and ‘glory’

lay disciples: followers of Buddhism within a Buddhist order that aren’t monks, nuns, or novice monastics; they take certain oaths/vows; basically they’re still citizens of the secular world, but they practice Buddhist teachings (I don’t have much knowledge on Buddhism, especially not in ancient times, but I believe that you could practice both at home or while residing in a temple as long as you’ve taken the vows, but don’t quote me thanks)

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