HAWRR Chapter 379

Crossdressing Female General vs Alluring Malicious Beauty4 (1)

Gu Shengyin lifted her arm to block a long saber that was no more than a foot away from her. With a flick of her spear, she cleanly disarmed her opponent.

She had arrived in this world three days ago.

A battlefield, full of bonfire smoke and vigor. 

“Victory! General, we won!”

Gu Shengyin beamed, raising her long spear high in the air: “Soldiers, pack up the spoils, let us return to enjoy our good wine and feast!”



The body she had transmigrated into was a general with great military achievements. 

Fu Yunzhen, the 32nd generation heir of the God of War family of the TianYun Dynasty, was the inheritor of the blood and glory of the War God family. The undefeated general, at only twenty four years old, had been conferred the title of Renchen1 Great General by the Emperor himself.

However, in Gu Shengyin’s opinion, Fu Yunzhen’s life was truly inexplicably sad.

Because, Fu Yunzhen is a woman.

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She was supposed to be pampered and raised with care, enjoying the love of her family. 

However, her mother had died in childbirth due to dystocia. Her father loved her mother so much that he refused to marry another. In order not to let the reputation of the God of War family fade into obscurity, he even declared that his deceased wife had given birth to a baby boy. Thus, Fu Yunzhen had been raised as a man.

When the ladies of other families were appreciating flowers and enjoying other amusements, her arms and legs were weighed down by sandbags as she trained with her spear. While other ladies were strolling the streets and enjoying festivals, she was enduring lectures on the art of war under her own father’s authoritarian watch. 

In order to become the most exalted Great General at only the age of twenty four, what she relied on wasn’t the reputation of her God of War family, but rather her own blood, tears, and sweat.

As she was a woman, Fu Yunzhen had planned to never marry. She herself was a victim of the so-called glory of the God of War family, and she hoped that there would never be a child that would suffer like her in the future.

However, the future was hard to predict. In order to express appreciation for his courtiers, the Emperor personally bestowed the second princess, born from an imperial concubine, upon her in marriage.

But how could she fulfill a marriage with the princess? Fu Yunzhen had been constantly pondering how she could push away this marriage. However, she would never have thought that the second princess, who was famous in the capital for her alluring beauty, would be such a malicious2 woman. 

She had long been in love with the imperial concubine’s maternal family3 Duke Zhu’s eldest son, Fang Mingyu. In order to avoid this marriage, she hired an assassin to kill Fu Yunzhen as she traveled back to the capital with her army.

No matter how powerful Fu Yunzhen was, she was still a single person. Not only had the other party made ample preparations, their blades were coated in deadly poison. 

She was poisoned. Even if she suppressed the poison in her body with her internal force, she couldn’t last long.

And thus, an esteemed general lost her life at the caprice of a malicious girl.

Even until Fu Yunzhen’s death, no one knew she was a woman except her father, the former General Fu Yingjie.

When she was born, she did not receive the love of her biological father. When she died, she also received the disdain of another woman.

Gu Shengyin silently finished processing the memories provided by the system. 

Fu Yunzhen shouldn’t have died. She was a rare genius of the TianYun Dynasty with a talent in warfare. According to normal development, she should lead her hundreds of thousands of cavalry to conquer territory for the TianYun Dynasty and unite the continent as the strongest empire.

And so, Gu Shengyin arrived in her body. 

At this time, Fu Yunzhen had just led an army to repel and defeat the invasion of a neighboring country. Tomorrow, the army would assemble and mobilize to return to court, victorious.

“General, everyone’s waiting for you?” Deputy General Zhang Yuan called from outside the command tent.

Gu Shengyin came back to her senses and replied with a laugh: “Good! I’ll come over right away!”

Ari’s Corner:

xmas day: Happy Christmas guys! There’ll be three sponsored chapters coming out soon, thanks to Tiff, Solas, and a donation from an Anna back in october I didn’t see until last week lol 

note from day of translating: insert internal screeching at traditional Chinese culture’s inherent prejudice for sons over daughters
i love when my parents pay my brother’s tuition and buy an apartment for him but they’ve been ‘strongly suggesting’ i move out since i turned 18;; would have a long time ago if i wasn’t paying tuition out of pocket because my family is rich so i don’t qualify for financial aid 🙂

also, bit of a word translation/clarification for the second part of the arc title 倾城蛇蝎美人, which I translated as ‘Alluring Malicious Beauty’
倾城 – qīngchéng – used to describe a woman who’s drop-dead gorgeous, extremely beautiful; a beauty who could drive a man to distraction and cause the downfall of an empire
蛇蝎 – shéxiē – snake and scorpion; technically, this would be translated as a ‘femme fatale’, but it’s used in that idiom of having a malicious heart

1. [人臣 – rén chén – means ‘of the people’]

2. [蛇蝎心肠 – shéxiē xīncháng – means ‘have a murderous/malicious heart’; ‘have a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions’; literal meaning is heart and gut of a snake and scorpion]

3. [maternal family here is referring to the princess’ concubine mother’s family, though in chinese it’s referred to as the concubine’s maternal family because when she marries in, her husband’s parents become her parents as well; so technically the princess is in love with her cousin (the closeness of relation is not mentioned thus far, however medieval times and intermarrying between close relations is very common)]

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  1. I feel sad for you Ari!😟

    There are many things to admire in Asian cultures, but the misogyny and descrimination of girls in favor of boys is not one of them (in fact, I would say it’s downright scuzzy; I’m a man, and that attitude disheartens me). Hopefully your parents can someday/somehow be enlightened and come to appreciate anf cherish you.

    Not that it doesn’t happen in other cultures, but it seems especially prevalent in Asian cultures, so much so that you end up praising the ones who don’t act like that since it seems so unusual.

    I hope that life goes well for you, and you’ll be able to accomplish the things you want to in your life.

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