HAWRR Chapter 378

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (Extra)

Ling Yi was A City’s recent upstart in the business world who started from scratch to establishing a large corporation. Even those older generations had no choice but to say ‘the younger generations will surpass us in time’ when mentioning him. 

However, it wasn’t until this year that he was eligible for an invitation card from Xia jia.

Today was the ten year old birthday banquet of Xia jia‘s Siye‘s little princess.

Ling Yi had never seen Xia jia‘s Siye before, but he incessantly heard of his name.

Regardless of how famous anyone was, this name forever brought about a single sentence: This person should absolutely, never be provoked.

Ling Yi was quite curious about him. Considering he was able to go from impoverished to his present status, his EQ was naturally not low and he also wasn’t an arrogant moron because of his achievements. 

A person capable of being revered by everyone; at the very least, he could not be provoked now. 

Ling Yi was being low-profiled standing in a corner with a glass of wine in his hand. Occasionally, someone would come to toast with him. He smiled in response, and other people unable to find fault. 

Then, he saw the little girl.

Xia jia‘s little princess was wearing a white high waisted dress. Ling Yi could see at a glance that the fragmentary crown on her head was made with real diamonds.

This little girl was indeed very beautiful. 

The features of her face were utterly exquisite. Her white puffed dress was pure and beautiful, like an angel. Although she was only ten years old, it was not difficult to see how magnificently beautiful she would be after she grew up. 

Ling Yi looked at the lady holding the little princess’ hand. 

When he saw her, he realized who this little girl’s beauty was inherited from. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Without a doubt, this was her mother, Xia Siye‘s wife and Long shi‘s Chairwoman.

This person was the female Chairwoman who single-handedly let Long shi rise to new heights, a legend in A City, and even Ling Yi’s idol. 

Time seemed to give her an extra preferential treatment. A woman in her late thirties wore a formal dress walking under the light and one could not see the traces of time. 

Ling Yi had yet to see the legendary Siye.

What? Was he actually not even going to come to his daughter’s birthday banquet?

Recalling those rumors about Xia Siye being a wife-pamperer, Ling Yi was disappointed: This was merely just a rumor and was even more rare in aristocratic households compared to ordinary households. How was this like a beautiful fairytale romance? 

He was still letting his imagination run wild, not knowing where his disappointment came from. He noticed that the little girl seemed to see something, her eyes brightened up, let go of her mother’s hand, and ran towards a certain direction with little steps. 

Afterwards, Ling Yi saw a tall man lean down to hold the little princess who rushed towards him. 

In the embrace of her father, the little girl didn’t seem as restrained as she was in front of her mother. Sounds of her giggles and laughter was transmitted a decent distance. 

Ling Yi looked at the man. Was this Xia Siye?

He originally thought that A City’s underground Emperor would be a pot-bellied man, or even a man with a full beard. 

The man in front of him was dressed in a meticulous black suit. His hair was styled neat and tidily; his clean appearance was even more fascinating as he matured over the years. 

Only when smiling would the fine lines on the corners of his eyes revealed his age and also added a bit of maturity to his charm.

This man, who people would probably not doubt if he went out and said he was a fashion model, was unexpectedly the famous Xia Siye

He watched Xia Siye held his daughter as he walked to his wife’s side and naturally kissed the side of her face under the public’s eyes. They spoke a few words that made the little princess giggle. 

A child’s reaction could not deceive people. Only under the good care of parents and a honeypot environment would a child have such a bright smile. 

In this world, perhaps there truly was a beautiful fairytale romance.

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    1. On every lifetime where they had children, they would live upto old age.. so their children should have their own lives and family after they left/died. I don’t think that’s abandonment.. they would leave a large legacy everytime.

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  1. As long as you get a partner with wealth, character and intelligence, you’ll obviously get a fairytale…


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