HAWRR Chapter 377

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (End)

Gu Shengyin and Xia Wanjun spent their days very sweetly. 

Neither of them were very romantic people, but they always inadvertently blinded others. 

Gu Shengyin also found the time to pay attention to Xia Ziqing and Wang Zhenzhen.

As it turned out, there was no way to alter human nature. 

Could it be said that Xia Ziqing did not love Wang Zhenzhen? He loved her very much, wanted to marry her, wanted to spend a lifetime with her, and even did not hesitate to fall out with his family to be with her. 

However, whether or not he really loved her, they were not together for long before he reverted to his old ways of having orioles and swallows by his side.

In the past, Long Tianruo saw through this trait of his, and without saying anything further, she broke up with him. 

With her pride, she was simply unable to endure another acting like this.

The two of them were the same as in the storyline, quarreling and raucous, separating and reconciling. But this time, the matter with Long Tianruo did not exist. Wang Zhenzhen also understood very clearly that the root cause was her boyfriend. 

On the day of Gu Shengyin and Xia Wanjun’s marriage, she saw Wang Zhenzhen who she had not seen for a long time.

The Wang Zhenzhen at this time had a tremendous difference compared to before. She began to wear fashionable branded clothing, had very delicate makeup on her face, and was already able to chat with those rich young ladies. 

Once again, Wang Zhenzhen came with a glass of wine to bless Gu Shengyin.

The smile on her face was still sincere. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

“Miss Long, you are truly blessed. I bless you and your husband to always have a long-lasting love with no doubts.”

Gu Shengyin toasted with her glass and smiled very happily. Any bride would be very happy to hear such a blessing on this kind of day.

Gu Shengyin glanced at Wang Zhenzhen. Although she was well-off, there was a trace of melancholy between her brows. 

She was aware that Wang Zhenzhen was not very happy. Xia Ziqing’s free-flowing lifestyle was well-known. Having this kind of boyfriend that needed forbearance, her life was not as beautiful as seen on the surface. 

However, Gu Shengyin did not speak more on this; she had already told her what kind of person Xia Ziqing was. At that time, she also said that she needed to be responsible for her choices.

Wang Zhenzhen did not say much and only said a few words before leaving.

When she saw Wang Zhenzhen again, Gu Shengyin already had a little life in her abdomen.

Wang Zhenzhen came to her house as Xia Ziqing’s wife to visit her.

That was right. Wang Zhenzhen came together with Xia Ziqing, and she became Xia Ziqing’s wife.

Gu Shengyin sensed that she was different than before.

Previously, her appearance was covered with melancholy, but now it was complete gone.

She enjoyed dressing up even more, not any different than those upper-class women.

She said to Gu Shengyin, “Miss Long, I truly envy you. As a woman, your career has already reached a height where it was difficult for ordinary people to look up at. Even your marriage is more blessed than other people.” 

She assimilated into this circle and experienced the appearance of unity over a divided heart1 too well. The more she was like this, the more she was aware of how rare a couple like Xia Wanjun and Gu Shengyin was. 

Xia jia‘s Siye was famous throughout A City for doting on his wife. Perhaps Gu Shengyin did not know that nowadays, whoever mentioned Madam Xia, Long Tianruo, their face would be full of admiration and envy. 

“Your husband also loves you.” Gu Shengyin could only say a sentence like this. 

Wang Zhenzhen heard her words but nevertheless smiled: “Ziqing? You should know better than I do about what kind of man he is. It’s true that he loves me, but his heart is so tremendous that it doesn’t contain me alone.” 

“I don’t have yout decisiveness. I love him and can’t let go of him. The two of us will dilly-dally on like this.” 

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

since it’s christmas season and also the last month of the year, i’ll be doing bonus chapters for 10$ each; probably no more than 4 to 5 chapters if it even gets that far

next arc is back to ancient settings (which means all the idioms and ancient phrasing and titles are killing me)

1. seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement

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    1. You have to live with your choices; she would rather deal with the ongoing heartache than make a clean, decisive (and painful) single break.


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