HAWRR Chapter 376

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (27)

Her lover’s intention was made known.

Gu Shengyin seemed surprised as she looked at Xia Wanjun.

She was very sure that if she didn’t want to, this man would not touch her even if he had to return for a cold bath.


Gu Shengyin smiled gently.

She walked towards that man step by step.

Xia Wanjun kept his eyes firmly locked onto her until Gu Shengyin arrived in front of him, and then—

Straddled him.

Gu Shengyin used her arms to wrap his neck; her smile like flowing water1. If other people were here, they would absolutely not think that this was the serious chairwoman. 

Xia Wanjun would only be gentle towards Gu Shengyin. And she, why would she not show her amorous feelings towards Xia Wanjun alone? 

Gu Shengyin could feel the man’s tensed body. She quietly approached his ears and and breathed softly like a fragrant flower: “Siye, and here I thought you would still continue enduring it.” 

At this time, if Xia Siye could still endure it, he would not be Liu Xiahui2, but have a problem.

Gu Shengyin felt herself being spun around, and when she recovered her wits, she discovered that their position had changed. She was laying on the bed and Xia Wanjun was on top looking down at her. 

Xia Siye was a man of action. He would not say any nonsense that would ruin the atmosphere at this time. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Gu Shengyin felt cold air on her body; the bathrobe on her had already disappeared without a trace.

The man’s gaze slid from Gu Shengyin’s face downward, inch by inch.

Gu Shengyin was originally calm, but her face couldn’t help but heat up after being blatantly stared at like this.

She felt very clearly that under his gaze her body seemed to be set on fire by small sparks, as if every cell was trembling. 

Eventually, she couldn’t help but want to use her hands to cover up but was stopped by the man.

Xia Wanjun withdrew his gaze from the already pink jade-like skin and turned his attention back on her face, gently dropping a kiss on her lips.

“Don’t cover up, you’re so beautiful…” The unfinished words disappeared between their attached lips.

Heat resembling a fire arose from the deepest part of her body and spread to various part of her body.

Gu Shengyin closed her eyes and allowed herself to be led into the fiery heat and the abyss of joy by the man. 

The night was still very long.


Gu Shengyin had seldom gotten up late. 

She opened her eyes before closing them once again and continued lying down for a couple of minutes before rousing again. 

Yesterday…it seemed like they finally took the last step?

Gu Shengyin moved; her body felt very relaxed. Apart from her waist and a certain unspeakable place that felt somewhat sore, she did not feel uncomfortable. 

Obviously, her lover had cleaned her up after the event. No matter what lifetime it was, he was always gentle and meticulous towards her. 

She was about to sit up, putting both hands behind her waist to allow herself to lean comfortably against the pillow.

Gu Shengyin looked up to see Xia Wanjun wearing home attire.

Before she had time to speak, Xia Wanjun leaned down and the two people received a sweet good morning kiss. 

“Morning,” Xia Wanjun’s gentle eyes looked at her. “Are you hungry? I have already made breakfast.”

They both had a tacit understanding and did not have any awkwardness between them. 

Gu Shengyin had no qualms about enjoying her lover’s thoughtful service.

Some changes occurred in their life.

For example, Xia Wanjun’s wardrobe contained a special section for woman’s clothing; 

The rinsing cup and towel on the bathroom sink changed into a couples’ model;

The bedroom originally prepared for Gu Shengyin had not been occupied for many days. 

In Xia jia‘s villa, there were more and more traces belonging to a hostess.

Ari’s Corner:

wiggles eyebrows

1. I’m guessing the meaning here is how her smile causes calm waters to stir. In other words, cause one’s calm emotions to be stirred up.

2. I remember reading an explanation about Liu Xiahui from another translated novel, but I can’t remember the specifics. Something along the lines of Liu Xiahui not being sexually aroused when facing a naked woman? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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