HAWRR Chapter 374

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (25)

Xia jia and Long shi were to be connected by marriage!

That grand engagement banquet was discussed enthusiastically for a long time. There were rumors saying that Xia jia‘s Siye loved his fiancee very dearly. He originally intended to hold a wedding directly, but he felt that it was too hasty and would not be able to hold the perfect wedding for his fiancee. Thus, he did the engagement banquet first.

Other people were saying that Xia jia and Long shi were merely just for a strong alliance. This marriage between the rich and powerful, where could there be any true feelings? It was nothing more than acting to let others see. In less than a year, there would certainly be all kinds of media gossips exploding. 

However, no matter what outsiders say, it was the two people who would live their lives. 

Now, that rumored unfeeling, ruthless Siye, who uses methods of iron and blood, was in the kitchen cooking a dinner for two.

Gu Shengyin expressed her surprise that Xia Wanjun could cook.

Who could have imagined this kind of man would wash his hands in order to make soup?

In fact, Gu Shengyin could cook. Not only did the system grant cooking skills, her cooking was not too different from an average professional chef. 

Since the time she was born and having experienced many worlds, she almost always did not use those skills.

One, she was not fond of doing it. Two, there was almost never a time where she would use the skill with her identity in every world.

She was nevertheless very satisfied towards this. But what made her amazed was her lover. His identity in every world was almost extremely powerful, but he had cooked for her in quite a few lifetimes.

“I didn’t expect Siye to actually cook.” Gu Shengyin lamented. Please read this at tranquillibrary dot com.

Xia Wanjun served the meal to her and also sat down: “What is there to it? When Xia jia‘s Siye was young, he was merely a child who was not liked by his parents.” 

His parents were in a political marriage, and after giving birth to him, the heir, they lived separately. As a child, he was only accompanied by servants and an empty villa.

When he was a teenager, he began to come into contact with Xia jia‘s secret business. In order to serve as the leader, he personally participated in Xia jia‘s devil training.

Inside an uninhabited forest in the grasslands, no one would cook food and wait for you. Xia Wanjun couldn’t even make a fire. Afterwards, regardless of where he was, he could find something to eat in a moment’s time, giving himself some leeway. 

He shook his head, dismissing those bad memories and gave Gu Shengyin a bowl of soup.

Gu Shengyin came over, not asking about his past hidden in his words, but rather playfully blinked: “Then, that’s good; I can’t cook. In the future, this family’s daily life management will be handed over to Siye.” 

Xia Wanjun ‘s lips gently curved up: “I would be very happy to cook for Tianruo.”

After he became interested in her, he had long ago clearly investigated her past. 

She and he were not the same. She had been her parents’ treasure since she was born, the pearl in the palm of their hands. The biggest blow that this young lady received was her parents’ accident and having to establish herself in the Long clan by herself. 

She had learned all kinds of things, but only did not come into contact with daily life’s necessities. She didn’t need to before her parents’ accident and didn’t have the time afterwards.

That’s good, Xia Wanjun thought.

Her life should be as smooth as he wished so there was basically no need to fuss with these common things. He was willing to dote and protect her. 

His, Xia Wanjun’s, woman should naturally be the world’s happiest woman.

Ari’s Corner:

oh god it’s almost december;;; i’m thinking about not signing up for classes next semester and tryna find a full time job :/ finances are strained rn

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