HAWRR Chapter 373

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (24)

“Chairwo…Miss Long, congratulations.” Wang Zhenzhen held a cup of wine as she walked in front of Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin knew the storyline, so she was naturally aware of Wang Zhenzhen’s temper. This young woman actually always had low self-esteem in her heart. After being with Xia Ziqing, she was frequently in contact with things that she had never come across before, making her feel that she was very ignorant.

This time, being able to muster up her courage to come to her side to send her blessings was already difficult.

“Thank you.” Gu Shengyin smiled and toasted with her.

Wang Zhenzhen was actually very embarrassed facing Gu Shengyin. She knew that Xia Ziqing was her ex-boyfriend, and Gu Shengyin had told her what kind of person her ex-boyfriend was.

She ultimately still chose to be with him, always making her feel like she was brushing off someone’s good intentions.

“Do you blame me?” She finally asked.

Towards her situation, besides Xia Ziqing, only Gu Shengyin had the right to say anything. 

Gu Shengyin suddenly laughed: “What position do I have to blame you? I have already broken up with Xia Ziqing, and it is a very normal thing for each person to start a new romantic relationship. You see, aren’t I already engaged now? As for you ultimately choosing Xia Ziqing…” 

She looked at Wang Zhenzhen earnestly: “Everyone makes their own choices. As long as they remember to take care of themselves, then it is fine. Zhenzhen, right now, I wish for your happiness.” 

Wang Zhenzhen looked at Gu Shengyin. She could feel that Gu Shengyin’s words were sincere.

She raised the glass in her hand: “Thank you.”

At this time, she saw Gu Shengyin’s fiancé come over.

Wang Zhenzhen had heard Xia Ziqing talk about this man. He was said to be a powerful person. Xia Ziqing’s identity was regarded as nothing when in front of him.

She was somewhat curious about how Gu Shengyin got along with this kind of man. Please read this at tranquillibrary dot com.

“Tired?” She heard the man ask.

“Of course I’m tired. My feet are so sore. It’s all your fault, choosing this dress and harming me since I can only match it with such tall high heels…” Gu Shengyin complained to the man with half-truths. 

“I’ll end the banquet early…”

The man put his arm around Gu Shengyin’s waist so that she could borrow his strength. Accompanied with quiet words, the silhouettes of the two moved further and further.

Wang Zhenzhen held the wine glass and watched them, unexpectedly feeling somewhat dazed. 

Siye, who was said to be A City’s invisible Emperor, was also just an ordinary man who dotes on his lover when facing her. 

And the powerful Chairwoman of Long shi, was just a simple woman who would act coquettishly and complain in front of him.

Wang Zhenzhen thought of her feelings for Xia Ziqing: always unable to let go, always felt that she did not deserve him, and often making Xia Ziqing very irritated. Wouldn’t the feelings between them grow and fade away? 

“Zhenzhen, so you were here. You didn’t say anything, making me worried to death.” Xia Ziqing came over with a worried face.

Wang Zhenzhen suddenly smiled and sped up her steps to walk towards the man’s side: “Xia Ziqing, I’m a little cold.”

Xia Ziqing took off his coat and put it on her shoulders when he heard her words: “Endure it for a bit longer; the banquet will end soon. It’s Fourth Uncle’s banquet, so it’s not good for me to take you to leave.” 

Feeling the warmth on her body, Wang Zhenzhen’s eyes narrowed in satisfaction: “En.”

Perhaps she should also try to completely open her heart to face this man and let their love run its course. 

Ari’s Corner:

i was planning to update yesterday like the usual fridays but i may or may not have went to take an afternoon nap and ended up sleeping until 10pm….

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