HAWRR Chapter 372

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (23)

As it turned out, Gu Shengyin’s premonition was not wrong.

When she and Xia Wanjun formally established their relationship, she received the system’s notification: Xia Ziqing and Wang Zhenzhen were together. 

At this time, Gu Shengyin was sitting in Xia Wanjun’s villa; in front of her, there were dozens of people holding dresses. 

Xia jia‘s Siye was swift and decisive.The day after Gu Shengyin loosened her mouth and agreed to formally announce their relationship, he released news of their engagement. 

In Long jia, there was basically no one who dared to oppose Long Tianruo’s decision. Moreover, Long Tianruo and Xia Wanjun marrying posed no harm to Long shi. Long jia‘s elders were all happy to see this happen in regards to this matter. 

As for Xia jia, when a decision was made by Siye, whether you agree or disagree, you still had to agree! 

Gu Shengyin picked a dress randomly. It was not that she was being casual, but all these dresses were all made according to her size by the world’s top master fashion designers. Each dress was beautiful and had its own characteristics. Just taking one of these treasures out would attract the countless envious eyes of the young ladies’. 

She changed into the dress.

In the meantime, Xia Wanjun sat there watching her.

He was dressed in his usual simple black custom-made suit; this man was rigid in some particular aspects, just like the suit he was wearing.

Gu Shengyin came out.

The people around them voiced their admiration. Only Xia Wanjun decided to lightly frown after looking at her for a moment. 

“What’s wrong?” Gu Shengyin felt his dissatisfaction and asked.

She looked at herself in the mirror; this blue dress was indeed very beautiful.

Xia Wanjun looked at her chest. He first concealed the continuous surging waves and did not speak. Instead, he personally got up and chose a white dress.

“Try this on.”

When Gu Shengyin took it, she still did not understand why, but after changing into it, she understood the man’s meaning in a flash.

She lost a smile to the man’s pettiness.

Compared to that blue dress, this white dress was indeed conservative enough. Sure enough, as soon as Gu Shengyin came out, she saw the man’s satisfied eyes.

“This is very good.” Xia Wanjun said. Please read this at tranquillibrary dot com.

Gu Shengyin did not expose his small thoughts; she was merely just trying on a dress. It was good that her lover was happy. 

For Xia jia‘s Siye‘s engagement banquet with his fiancee, the Chairwoman of Long shi Corporation, the people who could be called well-known in A City were basically present.

Wang Zhenzhen was now considered Xia Ziqing’s official girlfriend, so she naturally came with him.

When she saw Gu Shengyin, her eyes were filled with endless envy and yearning. 

Xia Ziqing saw it and suddenly said: “Do you know Tianruo?”

Wang Zhenzhen nodded: “I know her. I used to be an employee at Long shi. The Chairwoman is the idol of all the female employees at our company.”

She thought a bit and added: “She is also the idol of all male employees.”

Xia Ziqing paid no heed to the crowds of people; all of his attention was put on the woman who could be seen from the corner of his eyes, momentarily in a daze. 

Standing with Tianruo at their engagement banquet and accepting everyone’s blessings was once his dream.

Fortunately, he was only in a daze for a moment. 

He recovered his wits and looked at his girlfriend quietly standing at his side: “Zhenzhen, do you want an engagement banquet like this?”

Wang Zhenzhen’s face turned red within a moment. The ill-feeling that arose in her heart because Xia Ziqing was looking at Gu Shengyin just a moment ago disappeared without a trace.

“Isn’t this too fast…?” She somewhat could not adapt to Xia Ziqing’s rhythm.

Gu Shengyin suddenly felt that looking that the two standing at a distance appeared to have very good feelings, intimately whispering to each other. 

Very good. Gu Shengyin put down her heart. This time, Wang Zhenzhen would presumably not put the blame on her.

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