HAWRR Chapter 371

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (22)

After a pause, he snorted: “I truly do not understand. How could you have liked him in the past?” 

Gu Shengyin snickered in her heart and playing along with his meaning, she said: “That’s right. At that time, I was young and frivolous, unable to understand people. Xia Ziqing, that kind of natural playboy gong zi with so much passion, how can he be compared to the considerate and faithful Siye?” 

Xia Wanjun stared at her angrily: “You actually dare to make fun of me.” Although he spoke like that, he gripped Gu Shengyin’s hand and did not let go.

Gu Shengyin had long ago seen the nature of this man. How could she be afraid of his ‘showing strength while weak inside1‘ anger? As long as she showed him some softness and sprinkled some cuteness, the man wouldn’t be able to deal with her at all. 

The two of them got on the car in a harmonious mood and left.

After their car drove out of sight, Xia Ziqing came out from behind the porch pillar not too far away, appearing to have lost his soul. 

He had never seen Tianruo smile so happily like that in front of him. She even took the initiative to hold Fourth Uncle’s hand, as if she was acting coquettishly with him.

He had also never seen Fourth Uncle be this intimate with a woman before. Seeing his angry yet helpless appearance towards the other person, perhaps Fourth Uncle himself was not aware of the pampering indulgence in his eyes when he looked at Tianruo. 

Perhaps he was really wrong. Fourth Uncle truly liked Tianruo. They were really happy together, yet he, merely relying on a subjective assumption, believed that they were not suitable at all.

Forget about it. Xia Ziqing eventually laughed in disappointment. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Tianruo was right. He already lost the qulification to interfere in her life. Whether she was living well or not, it had nothing to do with him.

Full of dejection, Xia Ziqing ran to the nearest bar regardless of his parents’ ban and ended up utterly drunk. On his way home, in a dark alley, a group of petty criminals plundered his money until there was nothing left. Before leaving, they kicked his body several times: “Damned drunk!”. 

Wang Zhenzhen, who had found another job, just happened to pass by this place. Seeing this man, she couldn’t bear it and brought him to a nearby family hotel, paid for a night, and called for some food before leaving.

Of course, when she left, she had already recognized that this person was the rich second generation slag man who had previously bumped into her with his car. Before leaving, she still could not endure it and ruthlessly kicked his two legs. 

“Humph! Sure enough, it’s Heaven’s retribution. We’re even now.” After kicking his legs, Wang Zhenzhen’s anger dissipated and immediately left.

However, she was not aware that when she kicked the man, she was seen by Xia Ziqing, who just happened to be awake for a brief moment. 

Thus, Gu Shengyin, who was preparing to be in the dating stage with her lover, received the news that the two once again had contact with each other. 

“They can also meet like this?” Gu Shengyin was thoroughly convinced by the power of the story line. Was this was the rhythm of holding the two together?  

Gu Shengyin might as well not destroy it. The words that Xia Ziqing had previously said also indicated that he finally realized that she would no longer remember him in her heart or care who he is together with! 

As for Wang Zhenzhen, Gu Shengyin had already told her what type of person Xia Ziqing was and also made it clear that she was disdainful towards that man. 

If she was a person who understood, she should know that Gu Shengyin was not half a threat to her. If she really didn’t understand…A cold light flashed in her eyes.

Of course, it was still too early to say this. The two of them had just met. Whether Wang Zhenzhen could smoothly be together with Xia Ziqing or not was still a question.

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

so i may or may not have not gotten my promised tidying up done sweats but uh i dug out my long neglected sketchbook so maybe i can start drawing and painting again
anyone miss their prime time days before depression and tax returns and bills got to you? i sure as heck do

1. a sheep in wolf’s clothing | strong on the outside but weak on inside

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  1. Ohh..recently, I also dug my old high school items ..specially the artsy types ☺…and brought myself a drawing pad online..now, I’m practicing myself to use it 😅

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