HAWRR Chapter 370

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (21)

However, it was just the driver that was in chaos. The affection between the two slowly deepened.

In regards to the relationship between Long shi‘s Chairwoman and Xia jia‘s Siye, everyone slowly adapted from surprise and curiosity to accepting it as natural. 

Of course, some people were unable to get over it.

For example, this person before her eyes.

Xia Ziqing’s recent days were not very good. His parents had become unprecedentedly harsh towards their son’s discipline. Not to mention that he was not allowed to go to those romantic places, even his whereabouts during the day was strictly controlled.

As a result, the latest news were inaccessible to him. By the time he found out about Gu Shengyin and Xia Siye, everyone was already aware of it.

Without the slightest hesitation, he drove his car urgently trying to find Gu Shengyin.

“Is this your choice?” Xia Ziqing looked painfully at Gu Shengyin.

He truly liked Long Tianruo. It could be said that in his, Xia Ziqing’s, lifetime, he had never liked a woman like this before. 

However, Long Tianruo didn’t believe his affection for her, or rather, it was his conduct and deeds that gave others no way to believe it. 

Gu Shengyin did not directly answer his question: “Mr. Xia, with what identity are you asking me such a question? I remember that I have already said more than once that we don’t have any relationship.”

Xia Ziqing’s eyes looked earnestly at Gu Shengyin: “Listen to me, Tianruo. I know that we broke up, and that it was my fault. I’m scum. You having a new love is your freedom, and I also have no right to interfere. However, Fourth Uncle, believe me, he really is unsuitable for you.” 

Gu Shengyin was actually surprised for a moment. She never thought that this male slag unexpectedly had self-awareness like this. 

Gu Shengyin nodded: “I am very happy. Xia Ziqing, you are finally aware that you are a slag. I fully approve of the first half of your words. As for the latter half, whether we are suitable or not, it is for the two of us to figure out and not for you to say.” 

Her words showed clearly that she would not listen to his advice. Xia Ziqing was anxious and said to her: “Tianruo, you have to believe me. I will not deceive you. Is Xia jia‘s Siye someone you really know? You’re just a clean and honest businesswoman; you only see his elegance and graceful appearance. You don’t know how much blood he has dyed his hands with. You…” 

“Do you have a very strong opinion about me?” A deep voice came from behind him. Please read this at tranquillibrary dot com.

Xia Ziqing’s complexion instantly became deathly pale. He stiffly turned his head back, and greeted ‘Fourth Uncle’ to Xia Wanjun, who had come over at an unknown time. 

Xia Wanjun shot a glance at him: “It seems that your parents’ discipline towards you is still insufficient. Since when was my affairs something you, a younger generation, can have a say on?”

Xia Ziqing lowered his head, not daring to say half a sentence more.

“Still not quickly getting lost?!” Xia Wanjun did not want to see him at all right now.

Xia Ziqing clenched his teeth: “Fourth Uncle…”

His words faded away under Xia Wanjun’s cold, harsh eyes. 

Xia Ziqing left.

Waiting until his silhouette disappeared, Gu Shengyin said to Xia Wanjun: “Although he is a bit naive, he is doing it for my well-being after all. You don’t need to make things difficult for him.”

Xia Wanjun’s originally calm face had a trace of anger: “Oh? Tianruo believes what he said was reasonable?”

Gu Shengyin looked at a certain man who was obviously jealous because she defended Xia Ziqing’s words and took the initiative to hold his hand.

“Is it unreasonable for him to admit that he was a slag?” 

Xia Wanjun felt the mild softness on his hands, easily calming down the wave of depression that rose in his heart. 

Ari’s Corner:

being stuck at home with no options for going out is really taking a toll on my mental health haha; i really should’ve gotten my driver’s license instead of being lazy so i could at least have some options at this point
also desperately praying that maybe federal unemployment funding will happen again but i’m not holding that many hopes
how was this past week for you guys? i’m gonna try to deep clean my room and take things step by step in improving my life

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  1. So relatable @ driver’s license thing. Same. I have to get my dad to drive me any time I want to go out and see my friends. Rn I’m living at my uncle’s until renovation is over in my house – I’ve been pretty productive, only have a 4 page paper midterm left for this week. Going out for walks has been pretty nice, maybe you should get a little bit of air once in a while. It could help!

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  2. Thanks for the update! ❤️

    Life is still the same. At least we’re slowly starting to get our salary so I can start paying bills. Adult life is hard. Still can’t go out, so I ended up redecorating my bedroom/workroom. That helped a bit to calm me down. Hope it’ll get better for everyone soon.

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  3. I so relate with the driver’s license. I had a student license but it expires in March next year. For work, I’ve been losing motivation as I don’t hope to get a promotion this year anymore due to pandemic. Even internet is shitty in my country and I get disconnected during a meeting. And it’s pulling down my performance

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  4. These pandemic , quarantine and everything with it..also got me depressed to the point that I turned off my phone during July and my boss and co-workers couldn’t reach me..so one of them went to my place and ask if I was okay (touched ☺) ..now, getting back again at work,though lesser pay due to lesser working time but as long as there’s job to get back and lessen this depression .. How I wish my cells already made an immunity to the virus though 😣 I mean..I got some hereditary illnesses to both of my family line that might be triggered ..whatever

    Take care everybody.. Stay safe,stay healthy 😘

    And thanks for the chapter 😍


    1. stay healthy! if you have too much free time because of fewer working hours, you could start doing some small things like knitting or drawing, or even just cooking a more complicated meal that takes an hour or two


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