HAWRR Chapter 369

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (20)

Xia Wanjun expressionlessly hung up the phone.

Sure enough, it was no use calling someone.

He decided to simply make his own decisions.

Thus, just after entering the parking lot after work , Gu Shengyin was blocked by two bodyguards in black suits: “Miss Long, our Fourth Master is requesting you to come over.”

Gu Shengyin snorted: “Want to see me, let him come over himself.”

The two bodyguards looked at each other in dismay. Apparently, they had never seen a woman speak to Fourth Master like this. If it was someone else, they would have already used force; however, for this Miss Long, Fourth Master had made it clear before coming here that they must be polite.

Gu Shengyin did not pay attention to them. She walked to her car alone, sat inside, but did not start the engine. 

She was waiting in order to sound out that man’s attitude.

The answer came very soon and a person knocked on her window gently.

Lowering the window, Gu Shengyin was greeted with Xia Wanjun’s calm face: “I heard that you want me to personally come pick you up before you would be willing to go?” 

Gu Shengyin had a self-assured look on her face: “You want to pursue me, so obviously you need to show sincerity.” 

At the side, the two bodyguard’s faces broke down: It turned out that Fourth Master calling them to come was in order to ask Miss Long out on a date? This…. 

Xia Wanjun’s eyebrows furrowed lightly before finally nodding: “Okay, I will pay attentionto it in the future.”

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He opened the car door for Gu Shengyin and held out his hand as a gesture of invitation: “Well then, would this beautiful lady be willing to have dinner together with me?” 

Gu Shengyin smiled at this: “I am extremely happy to.”

The chauffer was driving the car while Gu Shengyin and Xia Wanjun were sitting in the back seat casually conversing. 

It could be seen that Xia Wanjun seemed to rarely chat with people. Combined with the rumor that Xia jia‘s Fourth Master enjoyed quietness, Gu Shengyin expressed her understanding.

Long Tianruo also didn’t have a chatty personality. Their words would frequently lull1; the atmosphere even made the chauffer at the front of the car feel embarrassed for them. 

Against expectations, the two of them did not feel anything was wrong.

Gu Shengyin had been with her lover in many lifetimes and already had a bone deep familiarity with this man’s soul. Even if they were sitting quietly, it was also very natural and there was no discomfort at all. 

On the contrary, this type of feeling was a novelty to Xia Wanjun.

With his personality, he enjoyed quietness. Above all, after reaching a powerful position in Xia jia, everyone no longer dared to disturb him, he had not experienced this feeling of being in close proximity with someone for a long time. 

He originally thought he would not be able to get used to it, but he didn’t expect the result to be a surprise.

He could sense this woman by his side. Her figure, the faint cool fragrance on her body, and even her breathing was within reach, but none of it made him feel discomfort whatsoever. On the contrary, he even felt somewhat delighted. 

Was this the feeling of liking someone? Xia Wanjun thus thought, feeling that it was not bad.

On their first date, they both felt that it was not bad. 

Because the other was her lover, Gu Shengyin did not feel uncomfortable at all.

On the other hand, Xia Wanjun felt that he was doing well and that there was nothing inappropriate. He was very satisfied with Gu Shengyin being relaxed and unconstrained. This indicated that she was also satsfied in her heart. As such, Fourth Master Xia came to this conclusion. 

However, in the eyes of outsiders, their dinner was like this:

The two of them hardly had any facial expressions from the beginning to the end, eating quietly and having no communication apart from toasting each other twice. The principle of eating without speaking had truly been put into practice.

Was this really a date? The face of the chauffer and the two bodyguards sitting in an adjacent seat was full of complications. 

Ari’s Corner:

hello guys sorry for the late update

how’s everyone been? i hope quarantine hasn’t hit all of u as bad as the larger cities haha;;; i’ve still been trying to find a new job since i lost my restaurant job in march 😦 i’m not quite sure how i’m gonna pay for next semester’s tuition haha

anyways like i said in discord announcements i’m gonna do my best to keep to at least one chapter per week; possibly more if i get paypal’d for sponsored chapters but i can’t promise more than one sponsored chapter per week

1. figurative way of saying gap or rupture. so their conversation was not smooth

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