HAWRR Chapter 368

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (19)

Gu Shengyin had a blank look on her face, apparently not really understanding Xia Wanjun’s meaning.

But Xia Wanjun did not give her half a chance of escaping; he looked at Gu Shengyin as he said word by word: “I, Xia Wanjun, likes you, Long Tianruo.”

“So, that is not a rumor. You are destined to be my, Xia Wanjun’s, woman.”

System: “Host, your lover is becoming more and more an overbearing boss.”

Gu Shengyin: “Shut up! I am the overbearing boss.”

System: “…”

Long Tianruo looked at this man’s confident face and gently laughed: “Xia Siye, you may be aware that no matter how much power you have, in this world, there are some things that cannot be bought with power.” 

Xia Wanjun also laughed softly: “Whether I can exchange or not, I do not know. I only know that when I, Xia Wanjun, want something, I have never failed before.”

Long Tianruo looked at him: “Then, Siye, are you trying to force me? Or do you want my heart?”

Xia Wanjun felt that this woman was more interesting than he thought. He had thought of multiple reactions Gu Shengyin would have, but he did not anticipate that she would actually negotiate conditions with him. 

“Of course, it is the latter. I have already lost my heart to you, so you naturally have to give your heart to me in return.” Xia Wanjun spoke as if it was a matter of course. 

Gu Shengyin nodded: “Siye, you see, I don’t have a lover right now, and you have the most outstanding qualifications out of all the men that I know. I do indeed have a bit of a good impression of you. You want my heart? That’s fine, but get it yourself.” 

Gu Shengyin raised her wrist to look at the time: “I have an important meeting at the company today. Siye, until we meet again.”

Xia Wanjun looked at the woman walking briskly and purposefully, feeling very novel.

He gave a call to one of his subordinates.

Siye, what orders do you have?” A man dressed up handsomely, intending to try to find a beautiful woman for a romantic encounter, saw the incoming call and promptly straightened his expression.

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“Pursuing women?” The handsome man blinked hard, wondering if the person in front of him had something strange attached to him.

When would Siye actually use this kind of roundabout way? Wasn’t directly grabbing the person he fancied more his style? 

Wait, something wasn’t right. Siye taking a fancy to a woman; was there someone who was unwilling? 

That was also wrong. Siye actually took a fancy to a woman?!

Then he remembered that earlier there was hot gossip spreading about Siye and Long shi‘s cool and elegant Chairwoman being together. Could it be…

“I like a woman, but she doesn’t like me. She told me to pursue her.” Xia Wanjun said with his usual expression.

He looked at the handsome man: “You are better than me in this aspect. Tell me how to be fast and efficient.”

The handsome man cautiously asked: “That person is…Long shi‘s?” 

Xia Wanjun nodded.

The handsome man thought for a moment: “This Long shi‘s Chairwoman is seen as cold and arrogant. Siye, it’s not just me saying this, but she definitely also has feelings for you. A woman telling a man to pursue her, it is impossible that she doesn’t have feelings.” 

Xia Wanjun looked at him like he was an idiot: “Of course I know that she has a good impression of me; she admitted it herself. What I’m asking is the quickest way of pursuing her until she’s mine.”

The handsome man: “……”

Siye, the person already made it clear that they had a good impression of you; why are you still looking for me? Under these circumstances, a man should directly get on it ah!

JMin’s Corner: This will be the last chapter that I will be posting, but I will finish the rest of this arc. I will leave those chapters with Ari to edit.

A little update on Ari: she was sick for the past two weeks and had recently recovered. However, she still needs to catch up on schoolwork, so it may take some time for her to edit the chapters. I had also asked her to make an announcement on discord on her schedule or when she plans to post the next chapter. 🙂

Ari’s Corner:

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