HAWRR Chapter 363

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (14)

After the banquet of Xia jia‘s had passed, the entire A City’s upper circle began to spread gossip about Xia Siye and Long shi‘s Chairwoman, Long Tianruo.

Coincidentally, both sides did not have any intention of standing up to refute it; thus, this rumor also grew more and more widespread.

It was unknown whether Xia Wanjun took action or not, but Xia Ziqing never came to disturb her.

However…..Gu Shengyin looked at the two people in the middle of the street, one pulling and the other digging their heels in, feeling truly helpless: the storyline was truly as powerful as expected. There wasn’t a life-saving debt this time, yet this Wang Zhenzhen and Xia Ziqing could actually get together by chance. 

Looking at their appearance, it was Xia Ziqing accidently bumping into Wang Zhenzhen. Seeing Wang Zhenzhen’s lively appearance, it was probably that it wasn’t that big of an issue.

As a result, the two of them argued. Gu Shengyin could only think of the most vulgar part of the saying: the wealthy and rich have arrogant attitudes, smashing people with money after accidently bumping into someone. 

It could be guessed that with the nature of this world’s storyline, Xia Ziqing would be attracted to Wang Zhenzhen, this girl who stood out from the masses. After all kinds of misunderstandings and tearing each other up, after the feelings of love and hate alternately coming, the two of them live a happy life together…

In your dreams!

Gu Shengyin sneered: I will not let you do as you wish.

She watched them from the side with indifference. Finally, the two appeared to have a big argument; Xia Ziqing threw a check, leaving in a rage.

Wang Zhenzhen was crouching on the ground alone while crying. In addition, there were many passerbys around pointing fingers at her.

She thought for a moment before getting down from her car and walking to Wang Zhenzhen’s side.

“Are you all right?” She bent down and asked.

Wang Zhenzhen was crying broken-heartedly when she suddenly heard this kind of greeting and reflexively raised her head to look up at Gu Shengyin. 

This one look directly made her so shocked that she even forgot to cry. 

“You-you-you…Chairwoman?” Wang Zhenzhen blinked and looked at her. Soon after, she recalled that she was only a former employee at Long shi. Her face couldn’t help but turn red and lowered her head.

Gu Shengyin handed her a wet paper towel: “Wipe your face. Your makeup is a mess from crying.” Please read this at tranquillibrary dot com.

Hearing her say this, Wang Zhenzhen realized her current appearance was a complete mess and immediately took it to wipe her face. 

“Thank you, Chair…Miss Long.” Wang Zhenzhen whispered.

“You’re welcome. I just happened to pass by. In any case, you were also my former employee.” Gu Shengyin spoke in a gentle tone.

“Ah? Chairwoman, you actually know me?” Wang Zhenzhen was shocked and called out how she previously address her. 

Gu Shengyin’s expression was calm and nodded: “I remember we have met once at the elevator entrance.”

Wang Zhenzhen honestly did not think that Gu Shengyin would actually remember since it had been a long time they had met.

The Chairwoman was not as cold as rumored, she lowered her head thinking.

“Now that your situation is like this…you probably want to go home?” Gu Shengyin looked at the bags scattered on the ground. There were clothing and several snacks; obviously, Wang Zhenzhen had just come back after shopping. 

Wang Zhenzhen nodded: “I intend to take the subway.”

Gu Shengyin thought for a moment: “It would probably be better if I send you back. Being able to meet can also be considered fate.”

Wang Zhenzhen wanted to refuse, but Gu Shengyin’s solemn face made her see the company Chairman who didn’t speak more than two sentences. Wang Zhenzhen obediently got on the car. 

“Chairwoman, why did you come here?” Wang Zhenzhen was a little restless in the front passenger seat, trying to find a topic to talk about.

Gu Shengyin said in her heart: I naturally knew you two meeting so I rushed over.

Her face was indifferent: “Just happened to remember that I needed to get something here.”

JMin’s Corner: Although the author didn’t actually use ‘car’ in the sentence, you can presume that Xia Ziqing was driving in his car when he accidently bumped into Wang Zhenzhen lightly since it didn’t seem like she was injured.

Ari’s Corner:

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