HAWRR Chapter 362

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (13)

Xia Ziqing seeing Xia Wanjun was just like seeing an unleashed beast. He quickly glanced at Gu Shengyin before lowering his head and leaving.

His Fourth Uncle was a transcendent existence in Xia jia. Even those aloof family elders dared not to breathe loudly in front of Xia Siye, even more so for him, a young master of a side branch.

This was just how it was. It wasn’t just Xia Ziqing; the entire Xia jia treated Xia Wanjun with fear and trepidation. This killing God was a master at making life worse than death. Who would dare provoke him? 

Gu Shengyin raised her eyebrows in surprise: “You turned out to be the famous Xia Siye. Tianruo has three lifetime’s worth of luck to actually be able to get Siye to personally talk about business.” 

Xia Ziqing called Xia Wanjun Fourth Uncle, and being able to be called Siye by the entire Xia jia was only one person.

It would be foolish to pretend to be confused.

Xia Wanjun smiled lightly: “I have always attached great importance to the cooperation with Long shi.”

Gu Shengyin suddenly felt somewhat cold and unconsciously used her fingers to gently rub her arms.

Xia Wanjun did not miss this detail: “Tianruo is cold?” 

Gu Shengyin gave him a strange look. This man looked the same as usual, apparently not feeling it was abrupt in calling her Tianruo.

Since he was acting like this, if she brought it up, she would end up seeming petty. 

She nodded: “It seems a bit cold.” 

Xia Wanjun’s eyes were overflowing with a smile. He beckoned towards an attendant at the side and said a few words. The attendant promptly bowed and left.

The two of them stood quietly in the corner. Not a single sentence was spoken, yet they unexpectedly did not feel awkward.

In the eyes of other people however, the hidden meanings of such an interaction were unbearably overwhelming. 

Everyone knew that Xia jia‘s Siye usually liked quietness and his mysophobia was extremely serious. Everyone was already baffled at him for being able to come to this kind of occasion, yet he unexpectedly chatted with someone for so long!

Those people looked at Long Tianruo with some profound meaning in their eyes. She deserved to be called the number one amongst the younger generation, even catching a person like Xia Siye

There were also many people who looked at the two with an ambiguous gaze. It had to be said that Xia Wanjun and Long Tianruo together, were a handsome man and a beautiful woman, truly a perfect match. 

There were a good number of people thinking: could it be possible that Xia Siye, who didn’t get close to females, began to have the stirrings of love sprout this time? 

The attendant returned quickly with a snow-white rabbit fur shawl in his hands. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Xia Wanjun personally reached out to take the shawl into his hands and draped it on Gu Shengyin’s body.

He draped the shawl around her shoulders from behind, which was equivalent to gathering her entire body into his embrace.

A familiar breath surrounded Gu Shengyin in a flash; she almost could not control the subconscious action of leaning into the man’s embrace. 

Xia Wanjun was enjoying this feeling quite considerably. When he looped his arms around Gu Shengyin’s shoulders, a never experienced before urge welled up in his heart, making him want to tighten his arms to fully pull this person into his embrace. 

In the end, he still resisted with great willpower.

He reluctantly withdrew his hands and took a step back to his previous position.

“Very beautiful.” He looked at Gu Shengyin admiringly.

This sentence he said was genuine and sincere. Long Tianruo’s five body features were originally hard to approach. Now with this rabbit fur shawl, it added on a luxurious feeling. 

“Thank you, Siye.” Gu Shengyin smiled and said, while gathering the shawl on her body and feeling warmth spreading on her body.

Xia Wanjun also said a sentence of satisfaction in his heart: in this way, those loathsome eyes will not always be placed on your body.

JMin’s Corner: I was out shopping at Costco this afternoon with my mom today, and gosh, it was steaming hot like an oven outside! I don’t think I can get used to 102F weather. ;(

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    1. yes look wat he did he must have ordered to decrease the halls temperature then gave her a shawl to coover her exposed back …SHAMELESS😂😂🤣🤣🤣😉😉 KEEP IT UP


  1. I wanted to say, he’s made his approach but we know the game started way before the banquet. 🤭 I’m sure he had the staff lower the temperature so she would be cold. 😉

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    1. I’m not used to very hot tempertaures so I can’t imagine how you can handle 44°C XD

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