HAWRR Chapter 361

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (12)

It was not only Xia Ziqing. The moment Gu Shengyin came in, almost everyone’s eyes were attracted to her.

It had to be said that Zhu Li’s eyes are really good.

The silver white top part of the formal dress was completely tailor-made for Long Tianruo’s figure, perfectly outlining her graceful curves. Under the light, her milky white skin unexpectedly appeared to be more attractive than her dress. 

The open back design undoubtedly revealed a large area of porcelain white skin on her back. Xia Ziqing was certain that out of all the men present here, at least 80% of them had their eyes glued to Gu Shengyin’s body. 

He felt somewhat gloomy.

There was still someone else who was even more gloomier than him.

Xia Wanjun half-narrowed his eyes looking at a certain radiant woman in the crowd before beckoning someone at the side. 

The man at the side was somewhat flabbergasted, but he still accepted the order and walked over.

At this moment, the wedding banquet’s female lead had already come out. Gu Shengyin specially looked at her; she was a very beautiful young woman. With just a glance at her appearance, one would know that she had grown up being pampered. 

She could see clues on how a person lived their life from their face. 

With one look, this xiao jie from Xia jia was clearly raised in a honey pot1 and her eyebrows held an air of complete arrogance and superiority. 

However, at this age…Gu Sengyin inwardly speculated and guessed that she had just recently reached adulthood?

“Tianruo.” Xia Ziqing finished receiving all the guests with difficulty before being able to come to Gu Shengyin’s side. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

“Mr. Xia.” Gu Shengyin indifferently nodded and greeted him. She was now in Xia jia‘s territory and did not want a new branch growing out knots2.

Hearing her greeting, Xia Ziqing’s expression turned dull: “Tianruo, must you be so distant with me? In any case, we were once…”

Gu Shengyin interrupted his words: “Since Mr. Xia also knows that it was ‘used to.’ For some things that had happened, don’t mention it again.” Gu Shengyin thought that if you let Long Tianruo make a list for the past few years, the most wrong decisions made and the matter of dating Xia Ziqing would certainly be on the list. 

Xia Ziqing’s expression changed, but soon after, he recalled something and showed a gentle smile.

“Tianruo, I know that you have feelings for me. That day, the person who saved me was you, right? I know that I broke your heart before. You can rest assured that later I will…”

Gu Shengyin was at the end of her patience and took a glass of wine from the tray of a waiter passing by at the side, and shoved it into his hands, finally interrupting his endless chatter. 

Gu Shengyin’s calm eyes looked at Xia Ziqing and spit out words with a cold expression: “I do not know where you got these good feelings from. I will tell you once last time: Xia Ziqing, I, Long Tianruo, do not like you one bit. Last time I saved you was merely because of the cooperation between Long shi and Xia shi. Please do not imagine that your love is reciprocated.”

“I, Long Tianruo, and you, Xia Ziqing, is forever impossible.” 

When Xia Wanjun came to this corner, he happened to hear the words of Gu Shengyin’s final sentence.

Just now, Xia Wanjun’s gloomy mood due to seeing the two of them privately whispering here became wonderful in a flash.

“Ziqing.” He shot a glance at Xia Ziqing’s pale face, as if he had been struck by lightning, and indifferently opened his mouth to talk.

Xia Ziqing recovered his wits in a flash and upon seeing Xia Wanjun, his entire body tensed up: “Fourth Uncle.”

Xia Wanjun glanced towards the star of the banquet and gestured with his head: “It’s very busy over there. Go help.”

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Ari’s Corner:

1. comfortable living conditions | privileged environment

2. side issues keep arising

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