HAWRR Chapter 359

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (10)

She stepped forward to look at the already unconscious Xia Ziqing. After determining that the other person was indeed unconscious, she leaned over……and lifted him up. 

That was right! Although her stature was tall, she was still considered a slender girl, and yet lifted up a big man of 1.8 meters.  

She did not bring the person to the car. Xia jia‘s influence covered A City entirely. Xia Ziqing just didn’t have any strength and had thus collapsed at this remote area. 

Gu Shengyin looked around before bringing Xia Ziqing to a bench to rest at the entrance of the underground mall. 

She was certain that there will be people from Xia jia who would come and take him away in less than five minutes.

After finishing this matter, Gu Shengyin dusted her hands and walked away without reluctance.

She did not see that the man, who should originally be unconscious with his eyes closed, unexpectedly expended great effort to open his eyes and glanced towards her direction before falling back into deep sleep. 

Gu Shengyin did not go directly to the garage, but went inside the mall and came out carrying a bag of things.

She believed that with Xia jia‘s strength, if Xia Wanjun wanted to find out who put Xia Ziqing there, it would be simply as easy as a hand’s turn1. In that case, if Gu Shengyin did not buy anything and left directly after saving someone, that would end up being hard to explain. 

In this way, it would be very easy to understand: Long Tianruo originally went to the mall to buy something and encountered the injured Xia Ziqing along the way. Due to morality, she brought the person to a place where Xia jia‘s people could see him.

Everything was very perfect. 

Her explanation was this. As far as to whether other people believed it or not, that was their business.

Gu Shengyin drove straight home. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

This was not Long shi‘s old residence. Living in the old residence were several of Long jia‘s elders of direct descent. Long Tianruo did not want to listen to them nagging all day, so she simply bought a villa and lived there. She would only return to her family home once a month for a family meal gathering. 

She did not like strangers coming in and out of her place. Therefore, inside such a large villa, besides the worker who comes to clean up at every week at a fixed time and Zhu Xiaoxiao who likes to stick to her the most and would come over a few times occasionally, there was almost no other person’s footprints. 

This was also the reason why Xia Wanjun’s subordinates could gain access so easily. 

After opening the door, the first thing Gu Shengyin did was take off her suit jacket.

She always wore formal clothes at work with a white collared shirt under the suit jacket.

But now, she causally unbuttoned the collared shirt’s two top buttons that were buttoned during the day, revealing a delicate collarbone and sparkling, translucent skin. 

A little further down was an undulating ravine vanishing gradually underneath the tight collared shirt. 

Some people have said before that clothes like collared shirts were unsuitable for people with body figures that were too sexy to wear. Really, the originally most serious-looking clothes unexpectedly gave a feeling of suppressing desire when worn on Gu Shengyin’s body. 

Not to mention that this beauty, whose long hair was draped loosely to the waist, was opening a bottle of red wine while sitting on the sofa with a lazy appearance.

Xia Wanjun habitually turned on the screen and saw this scene. 

Long Tianruo’s appearance was undoubtedly beautiful, but the her during the day was sharp and too vigorous, making people feel that she had a very powerful presence at first glance and very few people would focus on her face. 

Now she took off the sharpness she had during the day, and her cold appearance relaxed. Under the lights, a pretty and flirtatious beauty unexpectedly appeared. 

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1. very easy; no effort at all

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