HAWRR Chapter 358

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (9)

She certainly felt happy that the talks for the cooperation went well and found her lover along the way. Gu Shengyin thought it would be a pretty good idea to open a bottle of red wine to celebrate this evening.

At this time, the system issued an announcement to Gu Shengyin: “Video recording equipment have been discovered in the host’s car, the villa’s living room, bedroom, garden, and this office.” 

Gu Shengyin: “…”

Wouldn’t that mean all of her public and private life was exposed to the eyes of others?

“Find out who the owner of these equipment is immediately!” If it was a rival corporation using it to eavesdrop on business secrets… 

Gu Shengyin shook her head, fearing that it was not that simple. If it was simply just wanting to steal business secrets, it was completely unnecessary to install surveillance cameras in her home. 

Moreover, the system previously did not discover any anomalies, indicating that these things were just installed recently. Being able to have such great capabilities…Gu Shengyin already had a faint conjecture in her mind.

Sure enough, the system sounded: “…It’s Xia Wanjun.”

Gu Shengyin: ……Although I anticipated it in hearing this news, there was still a strange feeling. 

Could it be that this world’s lover unexpectedly had an addiction to peeping? 

While Gu Shengyin let her imagination run wild, the system intimately continued to inform her: “Host, don’t worry. Xia Wanjun only installed these surveillance cameras in your room; he is only interested in your private life.”

Gu Shengyin: …….Damned pervert! 

Damned Xia Pervert Wanjun was completely unaware that his tricks were already seen through by a certain someone. 

His desire for control had always been very strong, and it was rare to meet someone who aroused his interest.  By the time he came to his senses, he had already given out those orders. 

This was truly……

Xia Wanjun held his forehead. He had never done anything in such bad taste before. 

However, thinking of that beautiful and aggressively independent woman, Xia Wanjun could not deny that he was looking forward to seeing how she was during her private life. 

Gu Shengyin’s eyes turned and had an idea. Want to know my private life, right? I will let you have a taste of a painful consequence. 

But now, there was still a major event. Xia Ziqing being chased and be killed, and Wang Zhenzhen saving his life. 

Gu Shengyin was working overtime as usual today. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Xia Wanjun usually paid fleeting attention to things; after all, he also had many things to be busy with and wouldn’t always be paying attention to what one of his numerous women was doing every day. 

However, he didn’t know when it started, but he gradually developed a habit. Every evening, he would be in his room by himself, taking a look at what Long Tianruo was doing. 

The more he saw, the more he knew about her.

For example, this woman was hard on herself. He watched her work overtime everyday. She was obviously a chairwoman; outsiders only saw the incomparable scenery, but she worked herself more exhaustingly than most employees. 

But…for a woman like that, even if there was someone willing to hold up the sky for her, she would probably be unwilling to hide under the wings of other, right? 

She was originally an eagle soaring in the sky, how could she possibly be willing to become someone else’s tamed bird? 

He watched Gu Shengyin knead her temple, shut down the computer, pack up, and leave the office.

The screen suddenly became deserted.

Gu Shengyin did not drive directly home this time but went to a nearby shopping mall.

Wang Zhenzhen encountered the injured Xia Ziqing at the side of this shopping mall’s parking lot. 

Don’t talk about what Wang Zhenzhen was driving in the middle of the night to a parking lot to do. In any case, Gu Shengyin was fulfilling her wish to see Xia Ziqing lying on the ground, his condition unknown. 

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