HAWRR Chapter 352

Overbearing Female CEO vs Civilian Small White Flower (3)

“Ding~” The elevator made a noise as it opened.

The first thing that entered Wang Zhenzhen’s eyes was a pair of well proportioned slender, long legs.

Immediately after, Wang Zhenzhen saw the owner of those legs.

She is very tall. This was Wang Zhenzhen’s first thought. She was one meter six, but this person in front of her appeared to be taller than her by a head.

Gu Shengyin gave a glance as light as a feather towards Wang Zhenzhen’s side and turned towards the parking lot without any emotions. 

Wang Zhenzhen waited until she had walked far in the distance before recovering her wits. Just a moment ago, that glance made her feel as if she had been seen through. 

She knew who this person was. On the finance and economics news, the company had printed several publications that had her figure.

Long shi‘s big boss, she also had no chance to come in contact with this top person in her lifetime.

Wang Zhenzhen shook her head and walked towards the bus stop outside the company.

Gu Shengyin sat in the car recalling the moment she saw Wang Zhenzhen.

She was indeed a person who completely lacked a sense of presence. It was quite difficult to imagine how this kind of person could actually pay someone to murder.

Long Tianruo’s life was extremely self-disciplined. On a usual day, apart from work, she never went to places like bars or nightclubs. Her leisure time was usually spent exercising, practicing yoga, occasionally listening to a concert or two, and going to the gatherings of close friends. 

In regards to her status, the ones able to make friends with her in that elite circle were only a few people. 

Jie! Are you free tonight? Lin ge returned to the country last night and we’re meeting up.” The person calling was Long Tianruo’s childhood friend, Zhu Xiaoxiao. This girl and Long Tianruo differed in personality. Her family elders pampered her, and there were several older brothers holding her up. She was a small princess not just in name, but also in reality. 

However, when this small princess first saw Long Tianruo as a child, she was captivated by her appearance and straightforwardly said that she wanted to marry her, causing the two families to laugh for a long time. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Later, Zhu Xiaoxiao understood the difference between a male and female. Although she no longer made noise about marrying Long Tianruo, she became her number one little sister fan. In her eyes, Long Tianruo was the best, even to the tips of her silky hair. Even her elder brother had to stand aside. 

Long Tianruo’s relationship with her was excellent. She had no siblings, so she regarded Zhu Xiaoxiao as her younger sister and spoiled her. 

Zhu Xiao Xiao had opened her mouth; she naturally could not refuse.

During the evening, Gu Shengyin opened Long Tianruo’s wardrobe, and immediately, various custom-made suits completely packed inside, appeared before her eyes. 

Gu Shengyin: …

She opened another wardrobe, picked out an outfit that appeared less formal, and drove to the destination that Zhu Xiaoxiao had said.

This was A City’s famous entertainment street. On this entire street, whatever you wanted to play, you could play.  As long as you had money, you could enjoy anything. 

When Gu Shengyin got off the car, she attracted a lot of people’s attention. After those people saw her car, they understood that she was also a person who did not lack money. There were also people whistling at her in the middle of the street. 

In regards to those people, Gu Shengyin obviously would not care.

The place Zhu Xiaoxiao and the others chose was an upscale clubhouse. Gu Shengyin reported her room number and was lead inside by the waiter.

She pushed open the door; the inside was currently bustling with excitement. Noticing her come in, all eyes turned towards her. 

“Pretty good ah, Tianruo. Today, I’ll give you full points!” A punk-style youth closest to the door raised up a thumb towards Gu Shengyin.

The rest of the people also cast over surprised looks. 

They couldn’t be blamed for making a fuss. It was actually because Long Tianruo usually dressed in work clothing. Today they had the rare chance to see her change styles; she truly dazzled their eyes. 

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