HAWRR Chapter 349

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (35)

Zhang Mingshu saw that Gu Shengyin pretended not to recognize her and secretly let out a sigh of relief. In her heart, she thought she was lucky that this Empress did not intend to punish her. 

Unfortunately, she was happy too soon.

After returning to the fu the second day, Zhenbei Wangfu received a bestowal of two mamas from the palace who said that shizi fei‘s etiquette needed to improve.

In fact, Gu Shengyin did not need those two mamas to do anything. She was fully aware of Zhang Mingshu’s personality. Even if she did not do anything, Zhang Mingshu would be frightened to death by her. 

Sure enough, Zhang Mingshu began to worry day and night. She always felt that those two mamas harbored evil intentions and was definitely the Empress’ people sent to persecute her.

Her sleep began to not be peaceful, and the consequences of not having a good rest was Zhang Mingshu becoming somewhat hysterical and entirely irritable.

Qin Yuanzheng, who originally felt she was unbearable, naturally felt that she was even more intolerable. 

Above all, Qin Yuanzheng was not favored by Qin Shao. Apart from an empty title, which had no meaning left, he was unusually gloomy and directly moved out of the main courtyard. 

However, the biggest blow to Zhang Mingshu was that she experienced an endless abdominal pain after her meal one day, and by the time the doctor rushed over, blood was already seen on her lower body.

Because her mind was unstable, plus had no thought for tea or rice1 these days, and her body was terribly weak, her two months pregnancy could not be saved. Moreover, her body was injured and unfortunately she would have difficulties bearing children in the future.

This was the biggest blow towards a woman. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

Due to this, Zhang Mingshu’s temperament changed. She cursed incessantly around the clock. Qin Yuanzheng, who originally took pity on her to some extent because her miscarriage, also could not stand her very soon. Zhenbei Wangfei decided to bring in two beautiful qie shi

Zhang Mingshu’s life was considered to be over.

Qin Yuanzheng was also not much better, with no grace from the Emperor. In addition to his salary, there was no other income. The wangfu originally had a lot of shops and fertile land outside; however, it was a pity that Zhenbei Wangfu never took care of it, allowing the slaves below to steal and evade responsibility. And even so, the masters of the Zhenbei Wangfu household spent money like running water. 

The entire Zhenbei Wangfu declined at a frightening rate.

Up until now, there was also no movement from Gu Shengyin. 

She was now very venerated. 

It was for no other reason than, not long ago, she was diagnosed to be more than a month into pregnancy. 

The Empress Dowager felt the utmost joy. She had been looking forward to this day for many years. She didn’t expect the Empress to be married for only two months and sent out good news.

The rewards received from Shoukang Palace had not been stopped since the news. 

There was no need to even mention Qin Shao. Knowing that Gu Shengyin was at her initial stage in pregnancy, he hated not being able to be by his Empress’ side every day for 12 hours. 

As for several of the brainless officials participating in morning court expressing their opinions of “His Majesty should expand the harem to open the leaves and branches of the imperial family,” they were directly reprimanded by him, losing their official hat (fired), because “the high ranking officials wished to break down zhen and the Empress’ affection, causing the harem to be restless and the state to be unstable.” Afterwards, no one dared to raise this issue. 

These people were unwilling to give up and turned to find the Empress Dowager, hoping that she, the elder, could persuade His Majesty.

The Empress Dowager’s attention was now on the Empress’ stomach. Hearing these kinds of remarks was naturally not pleasing and directly spread the news, “If Sirs have too much free time, ai jia can report to His Majesty.”

His Majesty and the Empress Dowager’s attitude let everyone understand the Empress’ status in the palace.

Gu Shengyin kept her mind focused on raising the fetus, waiting for the 10 month due date ‘when the melon is ripe, it falls2.’

When the first ray of morning sun pierced through the darkness that day, the Empress gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix twins in Kunyi Palace.

The two palaces were in exultation and granted amnesty to the whole world. 

Emperor Xiande reigned for 30 years and had three sons and one daughter with the Empress. On his 30th year, Xiande passed the throne to his eldest son and took the Empress to tour around Qi State. 

The historically well-known romance of the Empress inspired an endless reverie within the commoners. They never had anyone insert a foot between their deep love and also became a legend whom countless people envied. 

JMin’s Corner:

End of the arc! Next up is a modern one! Our MC is gonna be a BOSS!

Ari’s Corner:

when the emperor grants amnesty (usually due to a joyous event) it can be anything from waiving taxes for several years or pardoning people from execution

1. have no appetite

2. idiom “problems sort themselves out in the fullness of time,” but I think the author is using it as a simile with her pregnancy

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