HAWRR Chapter 348

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (34)

On the day of winter solstice, the Empress held a banquet in the palace.

After the Empress’ marriage procession, this was her first time holding a banquet; its significance was naturally not the same. 

All the titled women put on their court dress that signified their status, making every effort to give this young Empress a good impression.

Zhang Mingshu was no exception.

She sat in her seat and heard the inner servant call out: “The Empress has arrived!”

She knelt down, not daring to lift her head, until that person above sat down before getting up along with everyone else. 

Zhang Mingshu was quite curious about this Empress, Taifu’s eldest daughter, who was supposed to be Zhenbei Wangfu’s shizi fei.

But now, she became the Empress, Mother of the world, and she, herself, took her place.

She also found that there were many that intentionally scrutinized her. Many people also sized up the Empress’ attitude towards Zhenbei Wang shizi fei.

Unfortunately, many people were bound to be disappointed. From the beginning to the end, Gu Shengyin appeared as if she did not know of this matter and did not give Zhang Mingshu half a glance.

Contrarily, it was Zhang Mingshu who was unable to hold back looking above in the end.

The moment she looked, she overturned the wine cup in her hand due to fright and soiled her dress. 

There were numerous people secretly laughing at the moment, secretly disdaining how this Zhenbei Wang shizi fei did not know etiquette. However, Zhang Mingshu did not have the energy to deal with her mess. 

This Empress was clearly Meng jie jie!

In that case, those words she had said before… Zhang Mingshu scared herself to the point of cold sweat. 

At that time, it was still known that she was still her biao ge‘s fiancee; however, she went as far as to saying in front of her face how deeply affectionate she and her biao ge were and even scolded her as vicious. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

At this moment, Zhang Mingshu only wished she could drill into the ground so the person above could not see her.

It was a pity that Gu Shengyin had always been paying attention to her. Zhang Mingshu only saw the person above say something, and then a female official walked towards her. 

She was very afraid, afraid of the Empress punishing her. The female official came and did not speak, just knelt to her.

Chen fu1 is guilty…” She heard the sounds of snickers in her surroundings.

That female official also appeared to be frightened and said in surprise: “Shizi fei, please rise quickly. I am under the Empress’ orders to lead you to a quiet room to change clothes.”

Zhang Mingshu felt endless shame for a period of time.

She followed the female official into a quiet room, and the female official withdrew to get clean clothes. She waited for a long time until she heard  footsteps from behind.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw the person she did not want to see the most. 

“Meng jie jie…”

“Audacious!” Now the senior maid in Kunyi Palace, Jian Jia, also gradually self-tempered herself to put forth an imposing manner. “Seeing the Empress yet not saluting?” 

Zhang Mingshu knelt on the ground in a hurry and begged for Gu Shengyin’s forgiveness: “Empress, please forgive me. Chen fu did not know you at that time. Please think of it as me being sick and speaking nonsense…” 

She also understood it in her heart. If Gu Shengyin wanted to punish her, it was only a matter of words.

Gu Shengyin looked at Zhang Mingshu, who was trembling with fear and without half of a bearing, and felt that it was not worth it for Liang Chenyu. She actually lost to this kind of woman? 

“What is shizi fei talking about? Ben gong does not understand those words. Ben gong simply saw shizi fei not coming out. Feeling worried, ben gong hence came to take a look, that’s all. Perhaps shizi fei drank too much and spoke nonsense?”

JMin’s Corner: At least Zhang Mingshu is not like some of those antagonists in other novels who can’t face reality and would rather continue to be a b*tch-like cockroach. 🙂

Ari’s Corner:

1. Chen – “your servant”, form of address used when speaking to a ruler | fu – female

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