HAWRR Chapter 346

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (32)

Zhang Mingshu did not have parents, so it was only natural for Zhenbei Wangfu to preside on all marriage matters. 

Zhenbei Wangfei actually had Zhang Mingshu live in a courtyard outside, so she could be escorted by the groom to the fu on the day of the marriage. To those unfamiliar with the situation, they were under the impression that the Wangfu was utterly dissatisfied with this shizi fei. 

In fact, this type of situation with Zhang Mingshu had never happened before. If the daughter-in-law was truly valued, they would naturally choose an appropriate family to adopt her. If this was done, the bride would also have status and it would not be as bad as marrying without even a matchmaker, truly losing face. 

In regards to Zhang Mingshu’s status, although the people of Zhenbei Wangfu did not say anything, there was more or less disapproval in their hearts towards this new shizi fei.

In fact, Zhenbei Wangfu really did not have the attitude of looking down on Zhang Mingshu. Lao Wangfei had always managed the wangfu, and after so many years, she only knew how to appreciate flowers, play with jade, and listen to opera with familiar furens. She was not one bit meticulous towards matters on customs.

Lao Wangfei originally gave up on her, intending to break off and replacing her with a reliable shizi fei. She would pass over the daughter-in-law and directly take the granddaughter-in-law under her hand. 

Who would have known that the optimistic marriage had failed,  Lao Wangfei had consequently fallen ill, unable to get up, and all matters would unexpectedly fall onto the Wangfei who only knew how to watch plays.

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The problem itself was complicated and their time limit was very short. One could imagine how much chaos the Wangfu was experiencing. 

Many guests looked upon it as a joke. Zhang Mingshu marrying under these circumstances caused others to secretly look down on her as well. 

However, Zhang Mingshu had been raised by Zhenbei Wangfei since she was young. How much would she know? Unfortunately, she never thought it was bad.

Qin Yuanzheng, on the other hand, was getting more and more agitated.

When he previously still had a marriage contract and this request was not allowed, his biao mei was a ten thousand times very good in his heart. However, after marrying for less than a month, he discovered that this biao mei was far from what he thought.

Zhang Mingshu was practically another Zhenbei Wangfei. She was not normal. The courtyard of shizi was disorderly and seventy to eighty percent ruined. The servants also resorted to stealing and tricks. 

Her appearance could be considered the gorgeous type, but was fond of putting on an enchanting appearance. Before, Qin Yuanzheng felt that his biao mei‘s appearance had a special charm, but he married her as his legal wife! Which family had a furen who wrinkled her brows every day and put on a pitiful appearance when meeting? A proper main wife unexpectedly displayed the conduct of a qie shi

Every time a family had a banquet, furens, who had some status, disdained to put up with Zhang Mingshu. Her conduct really made it difficult to like her. 

He also could not talk about his career or paintings with his biao mei. Qin Yuanzheng was sometimes skeptical. For so many years, why did he like that kind of biao mei? Those previous days of deep affection was like an imaginary dream. 

The more he thought about it, the more distinct that figure became.

He didn’t really like Gu Shengyin very much, but when Zhang Mingshu did something that made him disappointed, he unconsciously compared her with Gu Shengyin: If it were Liang xiao jie, would it be like this? Liangfu’s upbringing was the entire Qi State’s model. Liang Chenyu could be the country’s Mother; properly managing a small Zhenbei Wangfu was naturally a piece of cake. Liangfu’s daughters were usually popular at banquets. It was impossible to be like his biao mei; every time she attended a gathering, she would return with a grievous face…

Zhang Mingshu naturally sensed the change of her spouse’s attitude. The original honey-like feelings between the two formed a crack in the end.

JMin’s Corner:

Ari’s Corner:

spouses (including mistresses, etc) were called ‘people who shared pillows’ cuz they slept in the same bed 

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