HAWRR Chapter 345

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (31)

Gu Shengyin met Emperor Xiande for the third time in the public garden of Liguo.

Was the Emperor so idle? After Gu Shengyin transmigrated twice, she had a complete understanding of her lover’s thoughts.

Chen 1 pays respect to…” She was about to curtsy.

Qin Shao immediately held her up: “Xiao shimei does not need to be too courteous. You and I will soon…” He timely halted the topic and stopped the words ‘get married’ from coming out of his mouth. 

Xiao shimei is definitely very shy. If I say it out loud, what would I do if she runs away?

People say that one would become foolish when facing their beloved. It was very obvious that the wise and brilliant Emperor was no exception. He overlooked the fact that if Gu Shengyin was truly shy and really wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, she would have looked for an excuse to leave the moment the two met.

Although Gu Shengyin did not mind at the time, she complained in her heart that they were mutually ‘ni nong wo nong2, but Liang Chenyu was clearly not familiar with the Emperor at all, let alone have deep-rooted feelings.

Gu Shengyin opened her mouth: “Your Majesty, you and I are already now…in front of other people, it is still better to avoid arousing suspicion.” What should be said still had to be said. 

Contrary to what one might expect, Qin Shao’s brain turned very fast: “Xiao shimei also said ‘in front of other people’. Right now, this garden is empty of other people. Couldn’t this be considered a secret rendezvous?” 

Gu Shengyin: …

Qin Shao looked at his xiao shimei‘s dumbstruck appearance, just thinking she was ten thousand points adorable.

He felt it was quite necessary to make his heart known to his xiao shimei. He thought about it for a moment and decided to speak straightforwardly.

Xiao shimei has been in zhen‘s heart for a long time. Getting married to you really isn’t mu hou‘s meaning. Rather, it is zhen‘s intentions.” 

The young, handsome Emperor looked at the girl whose height reached his shoulder. The deep love brewing in his eyes was enough to let people drown in them. 

Being stared at with such an affectionate gaze by the most respectable man under the heavens, there were truly few women in this world who could resist this kind of temptation. 

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Gu Shengyin, as expected, blushed with shame. This time, she did not even pay attention to etiquette and ran away while her hands to covered her face. 

Qin Shao, who was left standing there alone, gazed at her back and laughed: Sure enough, xiao shimei is very beautiful regardless of her appearance.

When Gu Shengyin arrived to the front entrance, her face was still somewhat red. Meng shi also saw it but did not say much.

She was not stupid. Qin Shao coming once, twice, thrice, Meng shi already knew who her daughter had gone to see.

Although she muttered that it was a violation on etiquette, Meng shi was actually happy from the bottom of her heart. Meng shi understood her daughter; the two of them had only coincidentally met each other, and it would be impossible for them to do anything that would breach etiquette.

What did it indicate on how much she occupied His Majesty’s thoughts for him to come meet her daughter more than just once or twice? It indicated that he clearly had her daughter in his heart.

Meng shi suddenly recalled the time when she was young. At that time, their marriage had already been decided. They were mutually in love and secretly met in private. Even if they did not speak and simply sat across from each other, they also felt extremely content.

Although His Majesty was relatively older in age, but she had never heard of him liking a noble young lady. Presumably, his heart would also be filled with longing and love towards his future wife. 

As a result, the feelings between Emperor Xiande and his future Empress became more deeper as they met each time.

Additionally, Zhenbei Wang shizi and his biao mei were already prepared to get married.

The Holy One had sent a decree to grant marriage. The date had been decided in a rush, leaving them a mere month’s time from the marriage bestowal to the lucky day. 

In a month’s time, what could possibly be done?

Families like Zhenbei Wangfu, even if they were receiving a concubine, they had various things they had to pay particular attention to, let alone a proper shizi fei3.

However, there was not enough time. Things that could be simplified had to be simplified, and continuing on like this, the dignity of the new shizi fei naturally fell one rank lower.

JMin’s Corner:

This arc is almost over! 4 more chapters after this 😀 Feels like it has been forever.

Ari’s Corner:

i’ve just been fishing and doing mythic keys in WoW (hmu if u wanna do raids or keys lol)

1. chen – “your servant”, form of address used when speaking to a ruler | – female/woman/daughter

2. You and I are more passionate than others; passionate and hot as a fire; twist a piece of mud, twist one of you and shape one me, smash both of us together and reconcile with water; twist one more you and shape one more me . I have you in the mud, and you in the mud; I live with you in the same quarter, and die in the same grove.

3. the imperial concubine (legitimate wife) of shizi | wife of the heir of family

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