HAWRR Chapter 344

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (30)


Grand Princess Ronghua and Meng shi left to give Gu Shengyin sufficient time to sort her thoughts.

In fact, in their hearts, this matter wasn’t really unacceptable. In the eyes of the imperial court and ordinary people, regardless of which one, it was inevitably a joyful thing for their family to have an Empress.

The decree from the palace was sent down very quickly; it was the reward from the Empress Dowager that was sent together with the Imperial decree.

From the Imperial Palace to Taifu fu, the items carried into Taifu fu was like flowing water, making people speechless.

Even Meng shi was astonished: “The…treasury probably wouldn’t be emptied out, right?”

Contrarily, the Grand Princess was smiling. They all knew, whether the rewards from the imperial family was generous or not, it indicated the degree of satisfaction towards Yu’er.

Moreover, such a generous bestowal would be impossible without the Emperor’s instructions.

This meant that the Emperor was also very pleased with their family Yu’er. In this way, the Grand Princess felt much more at ease.

Zhenbei Wangfu did not anticipate this development at all.

When Qin Yuanzheng heard the news, he felt somewhat disappointed and frustrated, as if he had lost something.

He remembered meeting that woman in Song Linju. That pair of clear eyes appeared to be able to see inside people’s hearts, and he also remembered that fiery, dashing woman, who was dazzling to the eyes, in the hunting ground of the Autumn hunt. 

She was supposed to be his wife, but…

But what? There were some things he had been muddleheaded about.

Zhenbei Wangfu also welcomed an imperial edict. The Emperor granted Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu marriage.

Qin Yuanzheng originally thought he would be wild with joy, but the moment he received the imperial edict, he discovered that he was not as happy as he had imagined and was even feeling somewhat at a loss.

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Wasn’t this what he had always been pursuing?

The most pleased person in Zhenbei Wangfu towards this decree was Zhenbei Wangfei. She had always wanted her son to marry a daughter-in-law who was intimate and obedient to her. As her niece, Zhang Mingshu was undoubtedly an excellent choice.

Zhang Mingshu was quickly received back to the fu by Zhenbei Wangfu.

When she learned about the Holy One’s decree, she thought biao ge had gone to request His Majesty to send a decree and became even more hell-bent on Qin Yuanzheng.

Biao ge…” The girl in front of him filled his eyes; her appearance was picturesque, and she only had him in her eyes. This was his most favorite woman, and the wife who he always wanted to marry.

Qin Yuanzheng inwardly told himself to stay composed and gave a gentle and soft smile to Zhang Mingshu.

Gu Shengyin was kept at home by Grand Princess Ronghua. The education on etiquette in Liangfu was naturally first-class; however, if her granddaughter was going to enter the Imperial Palace, it was still insufficient.

Gu Shengyin began her daily education on various etiquette.

Fortunately, she had some foundation from the previous world, and this body received training that was the best. Even the education mamas, who were sent from the palace, couldn’t help but to secretly praise this future Empress. In terms of etiquette, there was truly nothing that could be picked out.

The only drawback was that she could no longer go out as she wished.

However, although she could not go out, the one who could not bear it the most was not Gu Shengyin but a certain Emperor deep in the palace.

Could it be that he could not meet xiao shimei for nearly a year?

Qin Shao felt it was intolerable.

Thus, under the advice of the Empress Dowager, the honorable nobles of Qi State began to hold various banquets one after another.

A flower-viewing feast, poetry meetings for xiao jies, various birthday feasts, etc. Of course, Liangfu would receive an invitation card.

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