Clearing a nest of bandits

As they closed in, they could hear frightened cries and threatening shouts. The two glanced at each other before speeding up. They spotted an occupied house with three people leisurely chatting.

“Hahaha, today is our lucky day.” A person held a can of beer as he guffawed.

Another person also joined in with a nasty grin, “With this many cars driving through, there should be plenty of women, so we’ll be able to get our share of the woman.”

 After he said that, another round of laughter came about.

Yang Tian made a gesture to take out the three men as quietly as possible. 

Wu Kang nodded and waited for an opportunity to jump over the fence to hide behind the tree in the backyard. Looking through a small hole in the fence, he watched them patiently until all three men faced a different direction before swiftly jumping over the fence and hiding behind the tree in one move, hidden in the shadows.

Yang Tian, on the other hand, positioned himself behind the fence closer to the three men, waiting for an opportunity to catch them off guard.

The three men had already drunk several bottles of wine and multiple cans of beer. One of the men excused himself to use the restroom and walked towards the door of the house. Wu Kang, who was hiding behind the tree, was close to the door.

Right when the man had one foot inside the house and with his back facing the tree, Wu Kang immediately stretched out his hands. One hand covered the man’s mouth to prevent him from calling out, while the other hand wrapped around the man’s neck, dragging him behind the tree. Once behind the tree, Wu Kang immediately twisted the man’s neck, killing him in a swift manner without giving the man a chance to fight back.

Wu Kang lowered the man onto the ground and turned to look towards Yang Tian. Their eyes met briefly and the two of them charged towards the two remaining men.

The two men were somewhat drunk and were surprised by this sudden attack.

“Wha-!” A man was bewildered and shouted out, but his voice was cut off as Yang Tian knocked him out.

“Ene-!” The other man sobered up after seeing the two intruders, but was also incapicitated by Wu Kang.

They immediately dragged the two bodies behind the tree and used whatever they could find to cover the dead bodies. 

Wu Kang and Yang Tian peeked into the door to see if anyone was coming out. Seeing that there was no movement, they stealthily made their way deeper into the house. When they got near the rooms, they heard the gasps and deep moans of desire. There were a total of three rooms and all three were occupied, but one had a lock.

Yang Tian pointed to the one in the middle and gestured for Wu Kang to head take the one on the left.

Yang Tian moved lightly towards the room and slowly turned the doorknob. The sounds of pleasure were loud and clear as Yang Tian opened the door by a slit. Peeking inside, he could see the man’s back facing him, which was the perfect position for a sneak attack.

He quietly opened the door wide enough to slip in unnoticed, drew his knife out, and slit the man’s throat in one swift movement. The man stopped his movement on the woman and held his throat, making weird noises as he tried breathing. Within moments, he dropped dead onto the woman, causing her to scream in fright at the sight of blood.

Frowning, Yang Tian knocked her unconscious and made his way towards the last room. He wasn’t worried about Wu Kang, who was as skilled as he was. Not to mention, these men were complete novices who didn’t know how to fight properly.

He placed his ear on the door of the last room to get an idea of the situation inside. He was able to hear frightened voices and cries of women.

This room was the only room with a lock, indicating that they were held against their will. 

Yang Tian was about to use force to break the lock until Wu Kang showed up with a key in his hand.

“The dude was too engrossed in pleasure that he didn’t even notice me standing there turning over his clothes for this key.” Wu Kang said while shaking his head apathetically and handed the key to Yang Tian. “I bet he didn’t even know how he died.”

Yang Tian shot a glance at Wu Kang. Knowing him, he probably let the guy die a quick death without a second to think. Wu kang was famous for his quick killing methods that he was often chosen to be sent on assassination missions.

He unlocked the door and opened it. As the door opened the women inside immediately became silent.

Yang Tian scanned the women inside and said, “You’re free to leave now or stay here. Your choice, but we’re not going to be responsible for you. Learn to fight.”

After saying that he turned around and left the house, followed by Wu Kang.

The women looked at one another, unable to process what had just happened. The woman who was in the room where Wu kang had killed the man, stood at the door in her disheveled clothes and swollen face. All the women’s eyes fell on her.

“They’re dead. All five of them are dead.” She spoke softly as her eyes grew firmer. “There are still supplies in the house. There are still the weapons those bastards have. We can learn to protect ourselves. We can only rely on ourselves to survive now.”

JMin: As promised, here’s the chapter that was half finished. Unfortunately, I lost interest in continuing this story and am preparing a different story, a western fantasy one. Perhaps I might come back to continue this one in the future…

Hope you guys will like the new story I am preparing…once I actually have time to get to it O_O

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