HAWRR Chapter 343

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (29)

Zhenbei Wang was a philanderer who was obsessed with beauties and did not have ambitions. 

Zhenbei Wangfei was muddleheaded. She was obviously also a woman from a high-ranking noble family, but her knowledge and experience was not even as good as a woman from a small family.

Lao Zhenbei Wangfei had always placed her hope of reviving Zhenbei Wangfu on her grandson. Unfortunately, this grandson was tangled in the hands of a woman.

If…If it truly was like her guess, then the Imperial family was planning to…

Lao Zhenbei Wangfei was particularly worried. She wanted to tell her son and grandson to hurry up and go to Liangfu to apologize. Maybe there would be a leeway to redeem themselves. 

Unfortunately, she only had two maidservants at her side. Zhenbei Wangfei had been pressed under her for a lifetime and had secretly hated her for many years. Now looking at her appearance with a crooked face, wall-eyed, and saliva drooling, she felt it was unbearable. Day after day, always coming to pay respects vaguely and even did not care for the sick.

As a result, the decree came down. In addition to receiving the decree and giving their thanks, Zhenbei Wangfu unexpectedly did not have any unnecessary movements.

On the contrary, many knowledgeable officials of influential families ran more diligently to Taifu fu after finding out about this matter.

After Grand Princess Ronghua and the others returned to the fu, they looked at each other in dismay. They did not know how to speak of this matter to Gu Shengyin.

They originally entered the palace on her behalf to lift the marriage contract. As a result, the marriage contract was lifted, but an even larger marriage was placed on top. 

Liang Taifu first stroked his beard while muttering to himself: “I remember that there are many important matters that were still not dealt with; let me take a step out first.”

Grand Princess Ronghua glanced at her son helplessly and shook her head: “Fine, even if he is the father, it is also not good to speak about the marriage of a daughter personally.”

She turned to face Meng shi: “Go see Yu’er with me.”

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When they arrived at Gu Shengyin’s courtyard, Gu Shengyin had already woken up and had waited for a long time.

Seeing her grandmother and mother coming over, she quickly stepped forward and asked anxiously: “How did it go?”

Looking at the expectation in her daughter’s eyes, Meng shi smiled: “The marriage between our family and Zhenbei Wangfu has been lifted.”

Gu Shengyin let out a sigh of relief and then smiled.

When Meng shi saw her daughter’s appearance, her heart skipped a beat before continuing: “Yu’er ah, Mother still has one more thing to tell you.”

Gu Shengyin looked at her mother curiously.

Meng shi glanced at the Grand Princess only to discover that the other person didn’t have any desire to open her mouth and had no choice but to say: “In the palace, His Majesty and the Empress Dowager had learned about the matter with Zhenbei Wangfu and were ten points1 furious. Apart from sending an imperial decree to lift the marriage between the two families, the Empress Dowager also sent another decree.”

Gu Shengyin looked at her with puzzled eyes.

Meng shi took in a deep breathe: “The Empress Dowager wished to find a good woman for His Majesty and niang niang‘s2 candidate is you.” 

Seeing her daughter’s dazed appearance, apparently shocked by her words, Meng shi once again gave out another heavy bomb: “His Majesty had no objections.”

What this meant was that this matter had already been decided.

Gu Shengyin was indeed shocked, but what she was shocked about was: “System, his actions are much faster than I thought!”

Just as she got in contact with the male slag who she had a marriage contract with, the Imperial palace impatiently showed their desire to marry her.

You said that this was the Empress Dowager’s idea? Gu Shengyin did not believe a word!

When Grand Princess Ronghua saw that her granddaughter did not speak, she thought she could not accept it and said heavily: “The Empress Dowager’s idea is to betroth you to His Majesty. In regards to our fu, this is an enormous favor.”

Regardless of whether Gu Shengyin was willing or not, she had to be willing.

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edited july 10 2020

1. out of a scale of 10, 10/10 furious

2. how you would address queen / empress / imperial concubine / mother / aunt

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  1. Feel bad for the grandma. 2 generation of useless. She found out problem tried to fix it, instead they did whatever behind her back now she has a stroke and is being held prisoner both in her home and body.


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