HAWRR Chapter 342

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (28)

How would Liang Taifu know that the heart of His Majesty the Emperor, who he hoped would block the Empress Dowager, had long ago blossomed happily in front of them.

Ultimately, under the Empress Dowager’s aggressiveness and His Majesty playing deaf and mute under this situation, the matter was determined just like this.

Seeing the people of Liangfu withdraw, the dignified and unapproachable expression on the Empress Dowager’s face changed.

“You little bastard made aijia be an evil person while you are so good, sitting here waiting to embrace the beauty back, right?” Where was the Empress Dowager’s imposing aura from before?

Qin Shao’s smile was exceedingly bright and he looked at the Empress Dowager to curry favor: “That’s why it is said that muhou1 loves this son the most.” 

The Empress Dowager was amused by his appearance and burst out laughing: “All right, I will not say too much to you. This person is someone you picked yourself, so you must honestly get married and let aijia hug an imperial grandson.” 

After she finished speaking, she once again frowned: “That little girl’s age from Liang jia is really young. We still need to wait one year!”

Qin Shao’s brows also wrinkled when he heard her. Right now, he was eager to get married immediately, as if wanting to declare ownership to the whole world and letting everyone know that xiao shimei was his Empress.

Liang Taifu and the others had just stepped into the fu and the decree had already arrived from the palace.

“Accept the Mandate of Heaven of Fengtian2, the Emperor’s imperial order says: Liang Taifu’s daughter, Liang shi…” A large number of words were said. The content was that a great master calculated the eight characters of Taifu’s daughter. He found that her life was noble and could not be sullied. Zhenbei Wang shizi was ungenerous and could not afford it. His Majesty could not bear to see an accident happen, so he specially sent an imperial decree to abolish the wedding contract between the two families. 

The people of Liangfu accepted the imperial decree with joy, but Zhenbei Wangfu was dumbfounded.

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Lao Wangfei indistinctly heard about the matter at the Autumn hunt and promptly called for her grandson to inquire what exactly happened.

However, Qin Yuanzheng was also at a loss: “Grandson really does not know what happened. When that Liang jia xiao jie saw me, she fainted.”

But very soon, they were aware of what had happened. Someone from the palace came and delivered a thick stack of documents to Zhenbei Wangfu.

Qin Yuanzheng read the documents. Everything pertaining to him and his biao mei and some intimate words said in private were unexpectedly recorded by someone.

Not to mention, that person even knew that the veiled woman he had met in Song Linju was actually Liang jia‘s xiao jie, who he had a marriage contract with!

He had told her his thoughts, and even said “I will only love my biao mei in this life” to her face.

No wonder that Liang jia xiao jie couldn’t bear it and fainted when she knew his identity.

Lao Wangfei was also unbearable angry and pointed at Qin Yuanzheng with a trembling hand: “I told you long ago that Zhang Mingshu should be sent away earlier, but you didn’t listen. She was already sent out of the fu, but you unexpectedly kept her in mind. What eight characters are noble and that you are unworthy? Liang jia clearly knew about this matter and specifically went to beseech for an imperial edict!” 

“Wrong…the eight characters were noble and could not be said. Don’t tell me…!” Lao furen thought of a possibility and breathed in cold air.

If this was truly the case, then in the future, Zhenbei Wangfu would truly have no good days.

Lao Zhenbei Wangfei was already at an old age, and after being frightened, she unexpectedly fainted.

“Grandmother!” Qin Yuanzheng panicked and quickly sent a trusted servant to invite an imperial physician to come.

Zhenbei Wangfu’s ding hai shen zhen3Lao Wangfei Lu shi, suffered from stroke.

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edited july 10 2020

1. title for Emperor’s mother/can be directly translated as Empress Mother?

2. Fengtian is a seal (valuable treasure) that an Emperor uses for his decrees (Mandate of Heaven). The servant has to speak in a certain way when announcing the imperial decree as part of a system

3. Sun Wukong’s weapon (godly needle)|Lu shi, Lao Wangfei, is probably the only ‘weapon’ left in Zhenbei Wangfu that could prevent the family from falling and weakening

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