HAWRR Chapter 340

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (26)

She was shocked and immediately asked for the reason.

Gu Shengyin bit her teeth and told her the matter of encountering Qin Yuanzheng several times.

From the first time that they met to the two of them interacting very pleasantly, and then to Qin Yuanzheng revealing his inner feelings, saying that he would only love his biao mei in this life.

“Mother, daughter can’t endure…endure this kind of humiliation. If you really let me marry him, I might as well die!” Gu Shengyin’s eyes once again became red.

At this moment, Meng shi already had an angry look on her face. Hearing these kinds of words from her daughter, she still softly reprimanded her: “What nonsense are you saying?”

Her voice was cold and hard: “You don’t need to be impatient. The people of my Taifu fu are not vegetarians1. Zhenbei Wangfu are going too far!”

Meng shi looked at Gu Shengyin with distress: “Set aside your worries and take a good rest. I will go discuss this with your grandmother. You can feel reassured that mother will absolutely not let you marry into that kind of family.”

Gu Shengyin obediently nodded her head, covered herself with a quilt under Meng shi‘s gaze, and and closed her eyes.

With her heart filled to the brim with anger, Meng shi went to the Grand Princess’ courtyard. Liang Taifu was also there. 

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The Grand Princess was also very worried. Seeing Meng shi, she quickly asked: “How is my Yu’er doing?”

Meng shi forced a smile: “She just hugged me and cried a lot. Seeing that she was very tired, I let her rest first and did not have her come greet you. I ask Mother to forgive me for making a decision without your permission.” 

Hearing that her granddaughter had cried, the Grand Princess was very anxious. She glared at her: “How long have you been here, still playing these principles with me? In the end, tell me what happened to Yu’er!” 

Liang Taifu also looked at his wife hurriedly.

Meng shi waved her hand to let the surrounding servants withdraw, and then informed Grand Princess Ronghua about Gu Shengyin.

Grand Princess Ronghua smashed the teacup in her hand on the spot: “What a good Qin Yuanzheng, what a good Zhenbei Wangfu! I still thought they had taken care of that woman, but I didn’t expect them to support her as a wai shi? Moreover, he would only love her in this life and just let my granddaughter be his grass widow?”

She also looked at her son standing at the side with equal anger and scolded: “At that time, I had said before. Zhenbei Wangfu was not a good family and their Wang fei is someone better kept under the table2. You also said that His Majesty’s decree cannot be disobeyed. Okay, now your daughter is pushed into a pit of fire!”

Liang Taifu smiled bitterly. If he knew that Zhenbei Wang shizi was this kind of person, he would not agree to this marriage even if he had to defy the imperial decree. But at this time, his old mother was in a fit of anger, and he could only force a smile to apologize.

Grand Princess Ronghua scolded while shedding tears: “My poor Yu’er, who was raised with precious gold and jade, would unexpectedly suffer this kind of humiliation. This…” 

Meng shi also followed her crying.

It was still Liang Taifu who was calm. He comforted both of them and heavily said: “Anyway, we absolutely cannot have a marriage relationship with Zhenbei Wangfu. I will go to the palace and meet with the Holy One and beseech him to revoke the decree.” 

Grand Princess Ronghua nodded. She wiped her tears and said: “Ben gong3 will go with you. If His Majesty is not willing, I will give up this old face. I do not believe His Majesty can truly watch me kneel in Ganqian Dragon Palace!” 

The people of Liangfu entered the palace in a grandiose way.

Emperor Xiande had been waiting for a long time. If he knew the thoughts of everyone from Liangfu, perhaps he would have hurriedly explained: Zhen does not have any intention of disagreements at all. Zhen does not have any objections at all. Really!

JMin’s Corner:

I’m gonna be going back to work this week so I might not be able to do 2 chapters/week. May be 1 chap one week then 2 chap the next week. We’ll see 😉

Ari’s Corner:

edited july 9 2020

1. weaklings/easy to be bullied

2. too inferior to be shown in public

3. how princesses or female imperial members address themselves. not too sure

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  1. Keep safe translator-san..good for you to be back at work 😅..mine is supposed to be this week but the City was put on lockdown again since it have the most positive cases of Covid19 in our country 🤷🏻..when people got education but lack of discipline 🤦🏻😩..

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    1. ‘wai shi’ was mentioned in a previous chapter. its basically a woman raised outside by a man, like a hidden mistress.


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