HAWRR Chapter 339

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (25)

Only Qin Yuanzheng was confused and completely had no idea what he had done to let Gu Shengyin show that sort of expression like she received a huge blow.

In the Emperor’s tent, Emperor Xiande had already placed Gu Shengyin down and stayed by her side.

The imperial physician had still not come yet, but he sent someone to inform the people of Taifu fu.

“This old subject Yuan, from the imperial hospital…” The imperial physician who had hurried over was about to kneel, but was impatiently pulled up by the Emperor. 

“You’re exempt from courtesy. Quick, take a look at how Liang xiao jie is!” Qin Shao was very impatient right now. 

The old imperial physician also did not dare to be slow. He promptly walked over to Gu Shengyin’s side and said a sentence: “Please excuse my rudeness.” He used his hand to take Gu Shengyin’s pulse. 

“How is it?” Qin Shao asked.

Yuan Taiyi got up and said: “I see that this xiao jie’s face is pale and has an abnormal pulse. It seems that she had received great shock.” 

Qin Shao thought, it was the shock? He asked: “Is it serious?” 

Yuan Taiyi shook his head: “It may be assumed that xiao jie usually paid attention to her health, but this time, anger had rushed to her heart and caused her to faint. When she wakes up, this old subject will write out prescriptions to calm the heart and mind.” 

Qin Shao felt relieved. Please read this at tranquil library dot com.

She was fine. If xiao shimei was left behind with health traumas,  he would truly regret it.

When they had heard the news, Liang Taifu, along with everyone of Liangfu who participated in the Autumn hunt, all rushed over and immediately asked what had happened.

Qin Shao was aware of everything, but could not say it: “I also don’t know. Xiao shimei‘s face suddenly turned extremely pale and fainted when she saw Zhenbei Wang shizi.”

Liang Taifu’s brows became deeply locked together and his hatred towards Zhenbei Wangfu increased.

Not long after, Gu Shengyin woke up.

She was still pale and refused to speak, only saying that she wanted to go home.

Qin Shao had no choice but to send her back to Liangfu.

Liang Taifu was naturally deeply worried and sick at heart and followed her back to the fu.

In his heart, Qin Shao especially wanted to follow them to Liangfu to take a look, but he needed to be here as the Emperor. As the ruler of the country, every act and every movement was watched attentively by the masses, and there was no way he could leave. 

On the way back to the fu, Gu Shengyin was silent. Meng shi, who had already received the news beforehand, personally met them at the door of the fu, and looked at Gu Shengyin with red eyes.

“Mother’s Yu’er, what had happened?” She held her daughter in her arms.

Gu Shengyin only said one sentence: “Mother, I want to return to my room. Let them all leave.”

This meant that she had something to say in a private room.

When the two of them entered Gu Shengyin’s courtyard, Meng shi waved her hand to let the people retreat. As soon as she walked to her daughter’s side, she saw her daughter’s tears tumbling down like pearls without stopping.

“Mother…” Gu Shengyin seemed to vent out all her grievances from this trip. She hugged Meng shi and started crying.

Meng shi was frightened. Since when had her daughter, who was pampered since she was young, ever feel wronged? Moreover, her Yu’er always had an open-minded temper. Meng shi had never seen her daughter cry so grievously.

“Yu’er, don’t cry…Don’t cry ah, Mother’s precious Yu’er…” She lowly patted the back of her daughter who was in her arms and comforted her gently.

After an unknown amount of time and her daughter’s crying had gradually stopped, Meng shi knew that she had more or less let it all out, and she began asking what had happened.

“I want to withdraw my marriage!” Her daughter in her arms lifted her head. Her face still had tears stains that hadn’t dried up yet and her eyes were still red and swollen, but the anger and disdain in her eyes were not concealed at all.

Meng shi never thought her daughter’s first sentence would actually be this!

JMin’s Corner:

Sorry for the late chapter! Whether you’re out protesting, working, or shopping remember to stay safe; COVID-19 is still out and about.


I will be using taiyi interchangeably depending on which one sounds better in the sentence. Mainly, I think I’ll be using taiyi as someone’s title like the previous chapter’s Zhao Taiyi

Just a reminder, I still put the raw/chinese after the sentences that I’m not too sure about. It’s in a darker color but you can see it if you highlight it.

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