HAWRR Chapter 338

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (24)

Qin Yuanzheng was originally very resistant towards this fiancee because he had always felt that if it weren’t for her, there would not have been any obstruction between him and his biao mei. He would also no longer need to choose between love and his future.

Recalling this, he ineffably felt that the young lady in front of him looked somewhat familiar.

But at this moment, the envious gazes from his colleagues let him feel proud and the ill-feeling towards Gu Shengyin also disappeared a lot.

Qin Shao suddenly said: “Xiao shimei, there are other people here now. If you’re not familiar with them, it’s okay, but since this is a rare opportunity, there is one person you can acquaint yourself with.” 

As soon as he spoke, everyone understood what he meant.

Qin Yuanzheng somehow felt a bit nervous. A man’s dignity must be maintained in front of his fiancee. He still hoped to be able to leave a good impression.

Gu Shengyin: Very good. Really deserved to be her lover, really a God’s assistance. She still hadn’t figured out how to let people speak of Qin Yuanzheng’s identity and let him be the topic of discussion. 

So, to properly cooperate with Qin Shao, she looked at him with confusion.

Qin Shao felt somewhat disturbed towards what would happen, he understood the principle of being decisive.

He pointed a finger at Qin Yuanzheng: “This is Zhenbei Wangfu’s shizi, Qin Yuanzheng.” He was unable to and didn’t want to say the sentence, ‘and the person you have a marriage contract with.’

Qin Yuanzheng smiled: “I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, Liang xiao jie.”

He waited for Gu Shengyin’s reply.

Qin Yuanzheng had thought of multiple possibilities, but did not think Gu Shengyin would have an unexpected reaction.

She seemed to be frightened by Qin Shao’s words. Hearing that he was Qin Yuanzheng, she was astonished and stared at him rigidly: “You are…Zhenbei Wang shizi?” 

Her face was a bit pale and her eyes appeared to contain many things.

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Qin Yuanzheng pondered secretly about whether he knew Liang xiao jie. After carefully thinking about it for a while, he shook his head. Impossible. If he had seen her before, with her appearance, it would be impossible forget.

He nodded: “I am Zhenbei Wang shizi, Qin Yuanzheng.”

Then he saw Gu Shengyin’s face turn extremely pale and saw that there was extreme hate and contempt in her eyes, as if she saw something filthy. After she closed her eyes, she unexpected collapsed.

She was still sitting on the horse, and if she fell, it would not be a trivial matter!

Before everyone could react, they saw a figure flash quickly and caught Gu Shengyin who had fainted. Who could it be if not Emperor Xiande? 

Qin Shao seemed to be a bit hurried. He held Gu Shengyin in his arms, mounted the horse, and circled around while saying: “Have Zhao Taiyi1 wait at my resting area.” 

This unforeseen event really let people be at a loss.

But…many people turned to look towards Qin Yuanzheng. The expression on Liang jia‘s xiao jie from earlier did not seem like looking at one’s fiance. It practically seemed like looking at a hateful, disgusting thing. 

But looking at her appearance from before, she clearly did not know Zhenbei Wang shizi. This…

There were also a few people whose brains turned rapidly. From the Emperor’s unusual reaction, they got a glimpse of the first sign. 

Qin Shao was somewhat frightened and angry right now. He didn’t anticipate that Gu Shengyin, who had learned the truth, would unexpectedly had such a big reaction. If he had known earlier…He shut his eyes.

He was very aware of his own personality. Even if he had known about it earlier, he would still do the same.

He couldn’t bear to see his little girl treat another man as someone to rely on in her heart.

Thinking this, his anger towards Qin Yuanzheng became even more stronger.

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edited july 9 2020

1. imperial physician

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  1. I always have trouble imagining how exactly they manage to turn pale and shocked… Only times I’ve been pale are from extreme discomfort when on my period or car sickness, something similar. I’m always confused about how these MCs manage to appear pale at will.
    Thank you for the update!

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  2. Thank you very much for the translation given that I am reading the raws to this via Google translate I appreciate the hard work you put into translating it as it’s much easier to understand.

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