HAWRR Chapter 337

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (23)

Gu Shengyin had already known that Zhenbei Wang’s shizi, Qin Yuanzheng, was selected by His Majesty as an attendant.

As soon as she turned her mind, she came up with an exquisite idea. With so many witnesses at the Autumn hunt, if she fainted due to shock seeing her fiance, it would definitely attract the attention of countless people.

At that time, all the rumors about Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu would spread. Qin Yuanzheng even told her himself that he would only love his biao mei in this life. This marriage, even if Zhenbei Wangfu did not want to withdraw, they would have to withdraw.

Moreover, even if the marriage was withdrawn, it would also be Zhenbei Wangfu losing face. As for Gu Shengyin, people would feel rueful and have pity on her at most and wouldn’t have a difficult time getting another marriage.

However, since Emperor Xiande was her lover, regardless of her marriage difficulties, it was not possible for her to marry someone else. Gu Shengyin was very calm and collected.

Although the Autumn hunt did not pay particular attention to the separation of men and women, His Majesty was not someone these women could meet even if they wanted to.

Gu Shengyin was in the middle of letting her imagination run wild when a xiao jie shouted that the Autumn hunt had begun.

She quickly urged her horse to run.

While Gu Shengyin was still worrying about how to approach His Majesty, she was not aware that she had already attracted the eyes of numerous people.

Under the sunlight, an absolutely beautiful young lady clad in a fiery red outfit with her black hair fluttering in the air seemed to be shining. 

Many young noblemen stared at her with infatuation while secretly thinking that Zhenbei Wang shizi truly had really good luck to unexpectedly be able to marry such an outstanding beauty. 

Gu Shengyin had the system with her, so she naturally knew the whereabouts of the Emperor. After thinking for a while, she really couldn’t find a justification. She might as well not try to find one.

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This hunting ground was so huge; was there a regulation that stated which area was whose? It was just happened to be a chance encounter, no?

Hence, Gu Shengyin walked as she looked around and soon approached the Emperor’s procession.

On this side, Qin Yuanzheng urged his horse to chase after a goat. Soon, the goat was caught in an encirclement with no way to escape.

Qin Yuanzheng deliberately showed off in front of the Emperor and immediately drew an arrow without any hesitation.

“Whoosh!” Yet, another arrow was even more quicker than his and firmly penetrated into the goat’s throat.

Everyone turned to look at the owner of the arrow.

A young lady in red urged her horse over; her entire body was bright and beautiful resembling a cluster of blazing flames. 

Unconsciously, Qin Shao wore a slight smile on his face. Just when he was about to move forward, he thought of something and looked behind him towards Qin Yuanzheng.

Just as expected, he saw the stunned expression in his eyes.

Hmph! Emperor Xiande coldly snorted. Later, zhen will let you properly feel what is known as ‘from heaven to hell’.

Gu Shengyin also saw the Emperor and his team.

She was acquainted with Qin Shao, so naturally it was impossible to pretend not to see him and steered her horse over to pay respect: “Chen nu pays respect to His Majesty.”

Qin Shao had a smile on his face: “Shimei does not need to be too courteous.”

Gu Shengyin glanced behind him. When she saw Qin Yuanzheng, she let out a soft ‘yi‘ sound.

Qin Shao remained calm and asked: “Shimei, is there someone you are acquainted with?”

Gu Shengyin smiled as she shook her head: “Apart from Your Majesty, who else would I know?”

From the moment that young lady appeared, Qin Yuanzheng felt his several colleagues stealthily cast envious glances towards him. Earlier, he did not understand the reason why; however, when he heard the conversation between His Majesty and her, he was fortunately quick-witted and understood the identity of the person in front of him.

There was only one person in the entire Qi State who could be His Majesty’s shimei.

His fiancee, Liang Taifu’s only daughter, Liang Chenyu.

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