HAWRR Chapter 336

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (22)

Jian Jia and Zhi Lan seldom saw the angry appearance of their xiao jie. Not knowing what that Zhang Mingshu had done, they followed Gu Shengyin back to the fu, their hearts trembling with fear.

Upon entering her room, Gu Shengyin instructed them not to let her family know of today’s affairs and to have someone guard outside in a relaxed tone.

Finally, she got rid of those two.

Presumably during this time, Zhang Mingshu’s life these days should be very difficult to bear and Qin Yuanzheng should also not be much better?

Next, she just needed to wait for an opportunity to cancel her marriage contract with him.

Gu Shengyin did not expect this opportunity to actually come so soon.

The reason was, of course, Emperor Xiande Qin Shao.

It was said that ever since Qin Shao realized his feelings towards his xiao shimei of Taifu jia, he arranged a secret guard by her side mainly for her protection.

And by Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu’s side, naturally there were secret guards arranged as well. 

However, in regards to the treatment towards those two people, Qin Shao did not consider their privacy. Even how many times they had woken up at night was investigated thoroughly. 

The conversation between Gu Shengyin and Zhang Mingshu was also heard by him loud and clear. 

“That woman actually dared to treat xiao shimei harshly?” Qin Shao was furious.

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In his mind now, Gu Shengyin was practically the treasure within his heart. What was Zhang Mingshu? To actually dare speak to her in that way?

Zhang Mingshu had already become a dead person in his heart. Of course, in addition to her, there was still her good biao ge.

The Qin Shao now couldn’t wait for his little girl to recognize the true nature of those two people and know that the fiance who she had expectations for was actually that kind of man.

The Emperor wanted to look for an opportunity and that opportunity was naturally delivered into his hands.

Autumn hunt.

Qin Yuanzheng, who had always been mediocre and not favored by the Holy One, was unexpectedly chosen by the Holy One this time to serve him. The entire Zhenbei Wangfu was filled with excitement. 

One must know that to be able to attend the Autumn hunt to serve the Holy One, one must be a favored official in court or someone His Majesty had preference for. 

Could it be that His Majesty had the idea of putting Zhenbei Wangfu in an important position again?

Lao Wangfei specially called her grandson over: “Yuanzheng, you must perform well this time and strive to leave a good impression on His Majesty. The prosperity of our Zhenbei Wangfu all depends on you.”

Qin Yuanzheng was full of confidence: “Grandmother, don’t worry. Grandson will definitely not disappoint you.” Nor would he let His Majesty be disappointed.

He didn’t say the latter sentence out loud, but the prideful expression on his face already explained it.

Gu Shengyin was also participating in the Autumn hunt this time.

Qi State was a country founded by the military. Therefore, noblewomen of Qi State must learn basic equestrian and archery skills. 

Gu Shengyin put on a fiery red riding outfit; the clothes fit snugly on her body, outlining her perfect body figure. As for her ink-colored hair, it was tied up high using a white jade clip, completely revealing her exquisite facial features. 

Her soft smile was incomparably dazzling. 

Gu Shengyin came together with her second younger sister, Liang Jinyu. Because of Liang Linyu being too young, this occasion was unsuitable for her.

At the hunting ground, apart from Liang Jinyu and several xiao jies who usually had a good relationship with the Liangfu sisters, the rest of them unexpectedly kept away from Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin looked at them feeling somewhat puzzled: Could it be that she and her group very much resembled a flood of ferocious beasts?

Looking at her expression, Liang Jinyu knew that she was not aware of the lethality of her own appearance.

Who would want to stand next to someone who could easily suppress them to the point of darkness without a ray of light ah!

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edited july 9 2020

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