HAWRR Chapter 335

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (21)

Gu Shengyin wasn’t particularly surprised and asked her what had happened.

Zhang Mingshu had already regarded Gu Shengyin as an intimate friend these days. Hearing her question, she stopped crying with great difficulty.

Biao ge… Biao ge, he came to find me yesterday!” Zhang Mingshu began wiping her tears with a handkerchief when she mentioned this.

Gu Shengyin did not speak and waited for her to continue.

“He told me that he was going to get married next year; he told me to forget him and to find another man to marry in the future…He also said that he would never come here again.” Zhang Mingshu was filled with tears.

Gu Shengyin looked at her with indifferent eyes, not knowing whether her tears were shed out of love or being broken-hearted that the riches and honor were flying away from her hands.From this moment on, she would not know what her future would be like. 

Gu Shengyin lightly patted her back and slowly said: “Isn’t this a good thing? Unless your biao ge could marry you as the legal wife, you marrying into a good family and being an honorable furen, how much better would that be than being a qie shi?”

“What do you know?!” Zhang Mingshu was very emotional right now. At this time, her mind was filled with riches and honor being gone, not choosing her words: “My biao ge does not want me anymore. What’s the use of marrying into someone else’s family? Could it be as grand as biao ge‘s family? Could I live my life with quality gold and jade? Rather than marrying into a small family and being a legal wife, it would be better to marry my biao ge!” 

When she finished speaking, her entire person seemed as if all the emotions that had been stifled in her heart for a long time had been released. 

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Gu Shengyin was trembling from head to toe in anger: “You, Zhang Mingshu, I never anticipated that you were the type to covet riches and honor and was willing to lower oneself to be a lowly woman! I was blind to think of you as a close friend, truly blinded!”

She was so angry that she picked up the scissors on the table, cut the handkerchief in her hand to several pieces, and threw it on the ground: “I disdain having a relationship with people like you. From now on, I will break off relations with you!”

Zhang Mingshu had spoken impulsively. When she saw Gu Shengyin so serious now, she quickly said: “I just said a few sentences in anger; why should Meng jiejie to take it so seriously?”

Gu Shengyin had already become calm. She broke free of Zhang Mingshu’s hand that was pulling her and gently dusted her sleeve, as if there was invisible filth on it. That entire action was as fluid as running water, unspeakably beautiful.

It seemed like she had changed, no longer the Meng jiejie that Zhang Mingshu knew.

“Who is your jiejie? Zhang xiao jie, please speak cautiously.” She looked at Zhang Mingshu with indifference and alienation before ordering the maidservant standing guard outside to depart.

Zhang Mingshu was angered by her previous action of avoidance, so she didn’t detain her and sneered: “I know that you, this kind of xiao jie of an official, had never thought highly of me. People like you who are of high birth, how could you guys understand my feelings? Since you look down on me, I would rather give up this face than beg you. Let’s break it off! From now on, Meng xiao jie, you don’t need to come again!”

Gu Shengyin’s footsteps paused, but in the end, she straightened her back and walked out the door, never taking a look back.

In the carriage, Gu Shengyin leaned against the seat feeling somewhat exhausted.

Xiao jie, that Zhang xiao jie‘s words were too excessive.” Although Jian Jia did not know what the two had said, listening to what Zhang Mingshu had said at the end, she knew that something unpleasant had happened between them.

“From now on, don’t mention her in front of me! I disdain to be associated with this kind of person.” Gu Shengyin said coldly.

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Chapter is also unedited, just too lazy to continue adding it 

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edited july 9 2020

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