HAWRR Chapter 332

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (18)

Gu Shengyin was gently awakened by a female official in the palace.

After all, if word spread out that she, an official’s daughter, was drunk and stayed in the palace overnight, it would ruin her reputation.

After drinking a bowl of sobering soup, Gu Shengyin finally became clear-headed. In a daze, she remembered an embrace full of lotus fragrance. Could it be Emperor Xiande who sent her back?

She tried asking the female official by her side: “I could not hold my alcohol; I wonder which jiejie sent me here. I should properly thank her.”

The female official at the side smiled and curtsied: “This duty is what nu bi should do1. Liang xiao jie is too polite.”

However, she had seen how His Majesty treated this Liang xiao jie very carefully, regarding her as if she was a treasure. So it was only natural to treat Gu Shengyin very politely. But His Majesty did not allow anyone to speak of the previous affair, so the credit was quietly placed on her. 

Gu Shengyin was disappointed in her heart, but did not show it on her face. She thanked her, examined her clothes, and found no problems. The female official guided her back to the banquet.

The palace feast was just about to end. Grand Princess Ronghua saw her granddaughter and couldn’t help but rebuke her: “Where did you just go? If you didn’t come back, I would have had to send someone to find you.”

Gu Shengyin laughed ‘hee hee’ and pulled her grandmother’s hand: “Granddaughter was a little drunk and went outside to feel the wind blow for a while to sober up.”

The Grand Princess knew that her granddaughter could not drink wine, and seeing how there was nothing wrong, she felt relieved. 

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After the palace feast ended, Gu Shengyin followed her elders to return to the fu. Contrarily, Emperor Xiande was caught in an inner turmoil.

When he was alone, the figure of the little girl would flash in his mind: those round eyes that were looking at him, her satisfied face while gently sniffing flowers, and how lovable she was when she was nestled in his arms.

Qin Shao exerted strength to shut his eyes and repeatedly told himself that she was not someone he could touch.

At this time, Fuxi, the chief of the inner court, came to inform the Emperor that the Empress Dowager had asked him to go to Shoukang Palace.

Qin Shao kneaded the space between his eyebrows, having an endless headache. He didn’t need to think to know what his mother’s plan was. It was nothing more than the issue of the harem being empty and having a royal heir.

But the problem was that he was not really interested in those women. When he was sixteen years old, the late Emperor gave him two palace maids to teach him about bedroom manners2. As a result, he sent them out in a rare fit of anger. He directly left in his carriage and spoke bluntly to the late Emperor that he was not interested in such affairs.

At that time, the matter was dragged on like this, and by the time he ascended the throne and became Emperor, there was no one who could control him.

Who knew how many pieces of the Empress Dowager’s heart broke into over this matter. Every year, the palace’s flower viewing banquet was held several times and its purpose was naturally self-evident. However, Qin Shao only had one reply each time—Zhen has no interest.

This time, there was someone who caught his eye, but unfortunately, he had given her to someone else. 

A subject’s wife could not be easily bullied. 

Qin Yuanzheng. The young Emperor inwardly said: Zhen will give you one more chance. If you don’t know how to cherish it, then don’t blame zhen for being rude.

Gu Shengyin was not aware that a mere simple banquet let her lover’s mind turn over so many tangents. 

During this period, she was very busy with ‘chance encounters’ with Qin Yuanzheng and being Zhang Mingshu’s intimate jiejie.

She had to say that Zhang Mingshu’s eloquence was quite good. Even Gu Shengyin’s close maid, Jian Jia, began to have pity towards this Zhang gu niang, who was ruthlessly persecuted by her sweetheart’s fiancee, after following along several times to visit her courtyard.

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edited july 8 2020

1. translates as slave servant. servants usually refer to themselves as ‘nu bi’ when talking to superiors just as concubines call themselves ‘qie’ when talking to their husband (according to my understanding)

2. sex education

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