AMS Chapter 2: Status?

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Opening his eyes slowly, Seiichi was greeted with the sight of his white hospital ward and the cold darkness outside the glass window. His mind wandered back to what he experienced when he was sleeping…? Was it real or was it fake? He felt that it should be all real even if it was in his dreams.

But then, should he believe in what that person had told him. What did that person mean by ‘grow stronger’? What does he need to survive against when this country is so peaceful? Who is ‘her’? Seiichi was unable to comprehend much of what she had told him. He only understood there was more to the world than he currently knows, and there is someone who has been watching over him all this time.

“O-Onii-chan …”

As he was in deep thought, Seiichi didn’t notice that someone was standing beside him the whole time. He glanced the charming young girl standing at his bedside wearing a joyfully happy expression. The pretty girl had a strong erotic charm that he could not mistake it for any other person. The young girl standing at his side was his little blood sister, Sana.

He was surprised to see his little sister standing here in his ward but recalled what the nurse had told him right before he fell asleep. Right away, he spotted the dark bags under her eyes and the redness from within, but it did nothing to hide her devilish beauty. Just like their mother, she grew up to be a sexy lady as each year passed. Her junior-high school uniform could not hide the developing contours of her body.

The well-shaped large breasts hanging from her chest that did not match her age, the curvaceous hourglass figure which many would envy, the still developing feminine hips, and those strikingly long sexy legs stretching out from under her skirt. Quite to the contrary, her dainty hands, the short black hair tied in a small ponytail at the back and the innocent baby face drew a totally different appearance all together.

His hand miraculously found its way to her face and gentle brushed up against her cheek. She closed her right eyes and affectionately rubbed her face against his hands in happiness. He was surprised when he saw his hand was already beside her face before he even had the slightest comprehension that he moved it. He should have been paralyzed and unable to move, yet here he was with his hand easily caressing his little sister’s soft warm cheeks.

“Sana… I’m sorry… I made you worry.”

“No! I’m glad Onii-chan is fine. Everything else doesn’t matter. As long as Onii-chan is still here by my side.”

She grasped his hand tightly in her trembling hands and pressed it firmly into her chest like she is afraid it might disappear. The bright smile she tried to portray on her face was only ruined by the sorrowful tears escaping from the corners from her eyes. Seiichi reached out with his other arm and dragged Sana onto his bed in a warm embrace.

“Don’t cry. I’m still here and will always be here by your side. You face is all ruined now. Look at how ugly you have become.”

“Mou, Onii-chan! So hateful.”

—        —        —        —        —        —        —        —

Laying on the bed motionless, Seiichi gently sifted through the strands of hair and caress Sana’s head. Her warm soft breathing slowly brushed against his neck as she slept peacefully. The exhaustion must have caught up with her because Sana had fallen asleep after feeling the warm of her older brother’s embrace.

Seiichi had felt sorry for all the worry he had caused her these few days. Because their parents had left the world when she was still small, Sana had a strong attachment to him and worried that there might be a moment when he might disappear just like their parents. He tried to spend as much time with her as possible and give her lots of love during her childhood.

Due to this experience, Sana grew up far beyond the peers at her age and developed a more mature outlook to life. This caused her to have very few friends and was something Seiichi worried about for a while. But he was happy when she brought a friend home on her grade-school graduation day.

Seiichi quietly watched her adorable sleeping face as it rested on his chest and decided it was time to figure out the strange sight before him. Since he had woke up from that strange dream, he had been able to see strange things pop up in his vision. At first, he thought he was hallucinating, and it would eventually go away after he fully wakes up. But it all proved wrong when it remained after so many hours.

Staring slightly above his little sister’s head, there was a small silver-framed window floating in the air. The window had a very simple design yet gave off a futuristic appearance to it. In fine blocky letters, it printed a name like how it would appear on a computer screen.

[Kobayashi Sana]

It only had her name posted on it. But when Seiichi focused further on the window, a list of text would emerge with all kinds of information. The information would appear on the right side of his view while a perfectly replication 3D image of his little sister formed on a separate window to the left.

[Kobayashi Sana (14)]

Status: Unconscious (Menstrual Phase)

Level: 0

Constitution: 0.7

Intelligence: 0.6

Perception: 0.4

Reflex: 0.3

Skills: […]

Most of the information revolved around the person herself like personal health and status. It looked like a character status page that came out of an RPG game he was familiar with. There were even extremely private and personal information that you might not even tell your own family about. Seiichi had mixed feelings on being able to perfectly determine when his little sister was on her period or not.

‘This is like a character status sheet from some RPG game… interesting. Hmm, if I can see Sana’s information, wouldn’t that mean I can check my own information too.’

Lifting his empty hand in front of his eyes, he found a similar window appear but with his own name on it this time. He focused onto the window and waited for the long status to quickly emerge into existence. When it finally appeared, Seiichi was surprised about the information displayed on his status as well as the functionality of this ability.

[Kobayashi Seiichi (28)]

Status: Injured (Crippled)

Level: 0

Constitution: 0.1

Intelligence: 0.7

Perception: 0.3

Reflex: 0.2

Skills: […]

Apparently, when he decided to check on his own status, he had not closed his little sister’s status. The status windows had surprisingly automatically reorganized itself on its own. When his status appeared in his vision, it automatically occupied the right side of his vision while his little sister’s status occupied the left. The 3D Avatar sat at the top while the status information shifted below it.

Through this status, he was able to see perfectly his current condition was. The 3D image color-coded his whole body at each section of the human body. His legs were outlined in grey and shaded in black. His torso was orange while the rest of his body in yellow, almost turning green. There was a legend on the side revealing the damage amount by color.

Green (75% ~ 100%) was a healthy status, Orange (50% ~ 75%) was slightly injured, Red (25% ~ 50%) was heavily injured and Grey/Black (0% ~ 25%) was damage beyond repair or missing. This depiction was very accurate on his avatar. Seiichi felt a little disheartened that his legs were both disabled now. Focusing further onto his legs on the Avatar out of curiosity, he was shocked to find it zoomed in closer and revealed separate sections of his legs: the thigh, calf, and feet.

Staring at the thigh, it zoomed in even further and revealed the bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and other things inside. It was a simple appearance at first but turned out to be more sophisticated than he first thought. Since this was so amazing, Seiichi was more curious if there was a method to heal his legs.

Feeling a strange satisfaction, he let out a sigh and relaxed his tense body. He didn’t realize when his body became so tense, but he assumed it was probably from the excitement on the character status. As he relaxed, his mind started to wander into different topics.

‘This is pretty useful, but where did this come from? Unless… it must be from the strange voice in my dream. She did say she would give me a gift at the very end.’

Nodding his head in agreement to himself, Seiichi suddenly froze as a certain thought passed through his mind.

‘If that is true, that means everything she said and warned me about would also be true. Then there are too many questions I want to ask, and many answers left unknown… troublesome.’


Looking at his little sister’s cute sleeping face once more, Seiichi moved his face closer to her face and pressed his lips onto her forehead. Sana shifted in his arms in response and cuddled closer to his body, twitching her little nose near his neck. He smiled at her serene look and lovable actions.

‘Sana, I hope you continue being my cute little sister, innocent and pure.’

Wrapping his other arm around her waist, Seiichi shifted slightly in his spot to a more comfortable position and closed his eyes. Even though he was unconscious for most of the time in the hospital, he still felt exhausted and wanted to rest. Paired with the time being at night, he chose to relax and gradually drifted into the dream land.

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