HAWRR Chapter 329

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (15)

For a moment, Zhang Mingshu felt ashamed and wished to die.

Contrary to her expectation, Gu Shengyin did not let her go and spoke in a tone of ‘I’m considerate for your sake’: “Let me see, mei mei, it would be best for you to stay away from that biao ge of yours in the future. Otherwise, you would be in a melon field or under a plum tree1. Girl, your reputation and integrity is the most important thing. You know the one who would be hurt by this kind of thing are girls. If your biao ge is truly good for you, he should consciously stop meeting you and choose a good marriage candidate for you.”

How could Zhang Mingshu listen to these kinds of words? She forced a smile and said: “Meng jiejie, I’m feeling somewhat uncomfortable. I can’t entertain you for the time being right now. Please forgive me.”

Not waiting for Gu Shengyin to respond, she informed her maidservant to send off the guest.

Gu Shengyin left but Zhang Mingshu had a thorn in her heart.

She used to live in a tall pavilion that Qin Yuanzheng had built for her and had never confronted these kind of things.

She actually knew that if she wanted to be with her biao ge, she could only be a lowly qie shi.

But biao ge properly promised that even if he married a wife, he would not touch her. His heart was with her and would not be shared with any other person. 

Biao ge loves me. She thought and smiled sweetly.

As for those words that Gu Shengyin had said to her earlier, she was not willing to think about it at all.

With her family background, even if Zhenbei Wangfei acted on her behalf, what good family could she marry into? 

In the wangfu, there is biao ge, who was in love with her, and her aunt who loves her dearly. How was it not much better than marrying out?

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If her thoughts were heard by those glib-tongued, sharp old women outside, it was estimated that she would be ruthlessly spit on and cursed: “Miserable wretch by birth, not being the legal wife of a honorable family, but instead rushing to be a qie.”

On the other side, Qin Shao, who heard the report of his secret guards, really couldn’t help laughing out loud.

This xiao shimei of his was really amusing. Qin Shao could almost imagine Zhang Mingshu’s face turn green when his xiao shimei said those words.

Obviously, those words were completely selfless, but they unfortunately poked Zhang Mingshu’s sore spot.

Only, if xiao shimei knew that the biao ge in that woman’s mouth was her fiance and the vicious fiancee was her, who knew how sad she would be. 

Emperor Xiande felt that he was truly muddle-headed when he bestowed that marriage.

There was also Zhenbei Wangfu…Thinking of Zhang Mingshu’s words, his eyes suddenly became cold.

What was the best way to tie up a pair of mandarin ducks and suppress them? If it weren’t for Liang jia looking at their old relations with Lao Zhenbei Wangfei, he would never have agreed. 

The daughter of laoshi‘s family, could a fallen qin wang shizi be worthy?

It was just that he was regretting it now.

He regretted not investigating and finding out earlier and giving xiao shimei to such a family.

The more he knew about the matter of Zhenbei Wanfu, Qin Yuanzheng, and Zhang Mingshu, the more he felt disgusted about this family. 

What “I placed my heart with you, so even if I am married, I will never touch her.”

Could it be that Qin Yuanzheng actually intended to let his xiao shimei be a grass widow2!?

The Emperor’s gaze suddenly became freezing cold. With Zhenbei Wangfu’s manner, he needed to carefully think this out. 

On the 15th of the 8th month, a large feast was held for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

As a daughter of the Emperor’s teacher, Gu Shengyin would naturally follow her mother and grandmother to the palace.

Of course, the womenfolk and officials were separated and entertained in different places.

Because the Emperor was not married, every matter in the harem was still handled by the Empress Dowager. Gu Shengyin waited with the other womenfolk for the Empress Dowager to arrive to wish a long and healthy life. 

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1. be likely to arouse suspicion

2. a woman whose husband is away often or for a prolonged period

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Sometimes I wonder if the naivety of ancient women was just this big. Even though I read too many novel’s about transmigration, I wouldn’t like to experience it and least to ancient times. Well, unfortunately my mom was out of the country when the quarantine started so she’s in another country right now :c But we had a video chat early morning and late afternoon to share some coffee and talk so it was kind of pleasant ^^ Happy Mother’s Day 💕

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