HAWRR Chapter 328

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (14)

At the same time, Qin Shao’s impression of Zhenbei Wangfu also dropped to the lowest point.

Gu Shengyin was not aware that she could get this kind of additional benefit when she went out this time.

Since the day she first met Zhang Mingshu, Gu Shengyin slowly came in contact with Zhang Mingshu more often, and Zhang Mingshu also gradually began to talk with her.

“Looking at Meng jiejie‘s age, the noble daughters at your age should have already have a marriage contract. I don’t know if Meng jiejie also has one?” Zhang Mingshu asked.

Gu Shengyin’s face turned red and lowered her head not speaking.

Zhang Mingshu knew that she did just by looking at her.

She remembered that although she and her biao ge were in love with each other, they were not allowed to stay together. She immediately cleared her thoughts and said: “I wonder which gong zi is actually so blessed.”

Gu Shengyin still had a bashful appearance: “I have never seen him, but I’ve heard that he is excellent.

Little did she know, her shy appearance and expectation just touched Zhang Mingshu’s sore spot.

She was afraid that she would have no chance to take on the position of a new bride in her lifetime. Taifu fu’s family status is so vicious. If that Liangfu xiao jie was a pampered bully, how could she easily marry into the family? 

Seeing that her face was streaming with tears, Gu Shengyin appeared to be extremely surprised. She quickly asked what happened.

Zhang Mingshu used a handkerchief to wipe her tears and the desire to say everything suddenly welled up in her heart.

She began to slowly narrate her story.

Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but to laugh coldly in her heart as she listened.

In Zhang Mingshu’s narrative, she and her biao ge had an affinity towards each other and should have been a match made in heaven. However, biao ge‘s fiancee intervened halfway and relied on her family status to ask the Holy One to send a decree to grant a marriage. In order to avoid arousing suspicion, she had no choice but to leave her biao ge and live alone at this place.

If a person devoid of reason heard this, they would definitely think that the lovers in this story were deeply in love and helpless, and that fiancee was naturally the malicious villainess. 

Gu Shengyin sneered: No need to mention that Liangfu originally had no desire to have a marriage with Zhenbei Wangfu. The imperial edict bestowing the marriage was also personally asked by Lao Zhenbei Wangfei. Where did Liangfu consider breaking up a pair of mandarin ducks1? Moreover, if they had known that Qin Yuanzheng had a biao mei childhood sweetheart, Liang Taifu wouldn’t be willing to betroth their girl to this kind of family even if they had to defy the imperial decree. 

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It truly was a clever and eloquent way of inverting black and white2!

Seeing Zhang Mingshu looking at her pitifully, Gu Shengyin understood that she hoped she would say something, and it would be best if she joined in opposition to the same adversary, condemning that “vicious” fiancee.

She was unexpectedly not as good as she had hoped!

Gu Shengyin wore a worried expression on her face and looked at Zhang Mingshu with deep concern: “Then I wonder what mei mei intends to do in the future? Since your biao ge was bestowed a marriage by the Holy One, it’s definitely impossible to get divorced. For people like mei mei, it’s naturally impossible to wrong oneself to become a humble, lowly qie shi.”

When mentioning qie shi, Gu Shengyin did not conceal her disdain on her face.

Zhang Mingshu choked because of her words. She would never have thought that these words Gu Shengyin had said were the thoughts of normal people. Shouldn’t they feel pity towards her and then comfort while angrily rebuking biao ge‘s fiancee?

Moreover, these words had come from Gu Shengyin; even if Zhang Mingshu’s face was thick, she also did not have the nerve to say that she planned to become that “humble, lowly qie shi” in her mouth.

No, she couldn’t even be considered a qie shi. In any case, a qie shi still had status; however, the her right now could only be considered a wai shi3.

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edited july 8 2020

1. (Chinese bird species) mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) / affectionate couple

2. to distort the truth deliberately/to misrepresent the facts

3. mistress living outside

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