HAWRR Chapter 327

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (13)

Zhang Mingshu had already pondered about a Meng family in the capital secretly; however, there were many people surnamed Meng in the capital alone, and there were no fewer than ten families. She could not guess which family Gu Shengyin was in. 

When Gu Shengyin took off her veiled hat to eat, Zhang Mingshu felt that the room had brightened.

She was usually conceited about her own appearance, but she did not think she would meet someone who would make her look like dust. 

She pressed down the jealousy in her heart and smiled: “Meng jiejie is really beautiful and really lets people feel ashamed.”

Gu Shengyin brightly smiled: “For people like us, there is no need to rely on beauty to serve others. There’s no need to take it so seriously.” 

These words happened to stab Zhang Mingshu’s soft rib1.

Yes, for xiao jies of high officials like Meng jiejie, all of them would have a father or elder brother who could take charge. Relying on their family status, they could find a good son-in-law. Where would they need to be like her, advancing one step after another just for the sake of her future? 

Following that, her mood was somewhat lacking. Gu Shengyin also saw her expression and knew that she had a lot of thoughts in her heart. Rather than sitting there for a while, she departed.

Only, when Gu Shengyin left, she did not anticipate that she would be seen by a certain someone.

Qin Shao recognized her at a glance. It was his xiao shimei, Liang Chenyu, who came out from the large courtyard.

According to reason, the two of them are not too familiar with each other. He did not pay too much attention to this xiao shimei before, but somehow, even if she wore a veiled hat, he could still recognize her with a glance.

It was just that Liangfu seemed to not have a residence here?

He was doubtful and commanded the person at his side: “Investigate who the owner of this house is. Additionally, check what my xiao shimei did today and who she met.”

He was worried that she was deceived because she was young.

The secret guard nodded before suddenly asking: “Xiao shimei?”

Qin Shao said faintly: “The daughter of Teacher’s family.” 

“Subordinate understands.” The secret guard was surprised. He didn’t expect the Holy One, who was very serious with Taifu, would unexpectedly show courtesy to his teacher’s student.

Gu Shengyin was not aware that her whereabouts were being investigated by someone.

By the time Qin Shao returned to the Imperial Palace, the things that he wanted to know had already been checked clearly.

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“You’re saying that house was arranged by Zhenbei Wangfu for that biao mei who had an affair with Zhenbei shizi?” Qin Shao was furious when he heard this.

It turned out that Zhenbei Wangfu’s decision was to just move her location and to retain honor so easily? Zhenbei Wangfu, very good. 

“Then, how did xiao shimei know that person?” Seeing xiao shimei‘s appearance today, there was no anger and did not seem to appear to know the hidden matters. 

“Liang xiao jie‘s encounter with Zhang Mingshu was just a coincidence…” The secret guard elaborated on the encounter between the two at Western Pavilion.

If Gu Shengyin heard this, she would have certainly exclaimed in admiration at the secret guard’s capability; even the slightest detail was not overlooked.

In other words, xiao shimei basically does not even know who Zhang Mingshu was? She still thought she made a new friend?

Qin Shao inexplicably felt distressed towards that girl with little fawn-like eyes who aroused people’s pity. 

“Okay, you can go first.” He waved his hand for the secret guard to retreat and stood alone, sinking into contemplation.

Rage welled up in his heart towards Qin Yuanzheng. He was indignant towards Qin Yuanzheng because he had such a good fiancee, yet his heart was still remembering a woman who did not know honor and shame for hooking up with her biao ge.

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1. weakness?

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