HAWRR Chapter 326

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (12)

As soon as the proprietor heard Gu Shengyin’s words, he knew that she did not come for his benefit.

He scanned Gu Shengyin from head to toe; his eyes spotted a Qianhu1 green duìjīn2 that was ten points not eye-catching and his pupils shrank.

The most important thing for businessmen was that they must have a good eye. The clothes of the woman in front of him, if he saw it correctly, should actually be made with “Qianhu green”, a fabric from Jiangnan. 

She wore a Qianhu green top, the hem of her skirt swaying lightly as she walked; the light breeze fluttering through gave the feel of the sun dappled across sparkling waters, which was well received by the noble ladies.

Qianhu green was extremely precious and rare. Even if a few dozen of them were made each year, the majority of them were offered as tribute. Families that could use Qianhu green to make clothes…

The proprietor put on a smile: “I wonder what this xiao jie wants to enlighten me with?” 

Gu Shengyin did not want to speak up for Zhang Mingshu, but she had an objective and did not wish to offend people.

“Coincidentally, my family has a box of rubies. Regardless of the color or transparency, they are all much better than the ones that the proprietor has. This price, the proprietor is not sincere ah.” She pointed out.

Sure enough, the proprietor’s face changed. With a forced smile, he faced towards Zhang Mingshu and bowed: “I am truly sorry to this xiao jie. This was originally my wife’s item but was taken out. Unexpectedly, it was misplaced today and was seen by this xiao jie. I deliberately announced a higher price thinking to let you back out on the purchase. Here, I give you an apology.” 

Zhang Mingshu did not have a clear understanding of the situation, but was still aware that there was a problem with this ruby.

Her face was somewhat unsightly. She did not intend to ask for the ruby that she had previously chosen.

Turning her head to see that Gu Shengyin had already stepped outside, she quickly chased after her with her maidservant.

“This xiao jie, please wait.” Zhang Mingshu called out softly behind Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin was precisely waiting for this call and paused her footsteps: “This gu niang3 is calling me?”

Zhang Mingshu walked a couple steps to catch up with Gu Shengyin: “Just now, many thanks to xiao jie for speaking on my behalf.”

Gu Shengyin indifferently smiled: “I merely can’t bear to see that proprietor substitute shoddy goods, that’s all.”

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Zhang Mingshu thought for a moment: “Today, I am truly thankful to xiao jie. I don’t know if it is possible to let this little woman be a host and invite xiao jie to a meal to express my gratitude?”

Gu Shengyin, of course, refused.

Naturally, Zhang Mingshu would not let her refuse, so Zhang Mingshu invited Gu Shengyin to come to her house.

“Zhang gu niang lives alone?” Gu Shengyin appeared surprised as she asked.

Her question caused Zhang Mingshu’s eyes to turn red and Gu Shengyin promptly apologized. 

Zhang Mingshu changed the subject and chatted with Gu Shengyin about other things.

She was surprised to find that her new friend was extremely knowledgeable. Regardless of what she was talking about, she could answer and show exceptional consideration to her feelings.

Zhang Mingshu suddenly felt like she had become close friends with Gu Shengyin.

In the capital, although living in Zhenbei Wangfu, she was still an orphan. Those young ladies from noble families did not put her in their eyes. Thus, even though Zhenbei Wangfei frequently brought her out to socialize, she did not make any friends. 

Ever since being placed in this courtyard, she had become even more unable to find someone to communicate with. It was rare to meet someone who she could talk with so Zhang Mingshu was naturally happy.

By the time a servant brought out food, Zhang Mingshu had already changed the way she called her to Meng jiejie

Of course, Gu Shengyin could not leave the house and only said that her family name was Meng, taking on her mother’s family name.

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edited july 8 2020

1. Qianhu means ‘thousand lakes’; Hubei is known as the Province of a Thousand Lakes, but we don’t know if the story is set in a real world setting or not

2. buttoned Chinese jacket or a top

3. girl / young woman / young lady / daughter / paternal aunt (old)

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  1. Still alive and stuck at home due to ECQ.
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  2. Not gonna lie I feel a bit bad for FL? It sort of sounds like she was groomed to be scum male’s ideal, or at the very least she’s so dependent on him due to lack of other relationships etc. I mean, it’s wrong to be the mistress and all but there was legit no one to tell her it’s wrong (since the scum males mother seems to encourage it and she’s got no one else for a second opinion). Like unless author makes her a complete b**** I hope they don’t go too hard on her?


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